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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money To Buy Gait Harness System

by Samuel Stinson
(Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

My name is Samuel Stinson. I am 52 years old. My wife Teresa and I have two children: one daughter and one son. We are members of Gospel Kingdom church.

My dad Herman Stinson was in the Navy. He died of emphysema when I was only five years old. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Prior to that I don't remember very much. I had to go to work at age 13 roofing and I gave all of the money to my mother.

Disability Issues

A drunk driver hit me in October 2009, while I was on vacation in Gatlinburg Tennessee. My stomach hit the steering wheel and caused a huge hernia.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I died at least five times. After that I suffered a stroke while recovering at UT hospital. The wreck broke every bone in my face and both of my legs.

My wife kept telling the nurses that something was wrong with me but they kept telling her that it was the medication.

I am now unable to walk and my right arm won't work. Prior to being hit by that drunk driver, I was in perfect heath and working as an insurance adjuster.

Financial Hardship

Our monthly bills are pilling up. Our house payment was $700 per month but we fell behind on our payments and our property taxes.

They were going to auction off our house. Thankfully, the mortgage lender paid them just before the auction; however, our house payment doubled. The property taxes were $13,500.

We had purchased a handicapped Dodge Mini van; however, my daughter wrecked it and all we had was liability on it.

We have canceled our cable and are trying to live only on my disability monthly checks.

Thanks be to God, two years after the wreck I now have received Medicare for my medication.

I have been looking for something that would help me walk again and I saw something called Second Step (secondstepinc.com). We are God-fearing people and by His grace I'll be able to get one.

Income Efforts

I am currently drawing Disability in the amount a little over of $1300.

Our family can't help us, as they are poor.

My pastor has been very supportive and thinks that we may have to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We really don't want to file.

I have recently looked for some employment that I could do, roofing sales, which I was good at before the wreck.

I am currently hoping to get a small business grant for people with disabilities.

Specific Needs

We really need another handicapped minivan. Our daughter is bipolar and has lost our grandchildren. They just have taken our three-year-old grandson less than two weeks ago. We need a lawyer to get them back.

Our pastor is recommending that we file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and we have gone to an attorney for recommendations.

Business Idea

I know a lot about roofing and restoration. I would specialize in insurance claims. I was a specialist in insurance claims and I would charge the insurance proceeds less the insurance deductible.

I have been a roofing salesman and I really enjoyed helping other people restore their homes. I would offer a simple one-page agreement.

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