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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money To Escape Endless Disability Hardship

by Gina Gibson
(Jackson, New Jersey, USA)

My husband Todd, got a great job working for the union. He loved his job very much and made great money doing it.

Unfortunately it didn't last. He took a terrible fall from a new machine he was working on.

We waited years for workers compensation, and ended up on welfare. With a little luck we received some money.

The judge told us if he did not accept it, he would end up with nothing. After three years of living with no money at all and no one could help us, he took it.

But then the judge pulled a fast one and made him sign a Section 20, which in New Jersey means you could never sue them again! Don't get me wrong, though. We never sued anyone in all our lives, and don't plan to sue people for a living!!!!

As my husband gets worse and worse, we're suffering all over again, only this time our house is falling apart. The roof is leaking everywhere, the hot water heater went, there's black mold from leaks in our washer, the furnace keeps going out, pipes keep breaking, and my husband just cannot do all these chores around the home.

I always thought we were lucky that he could fix everything. Now he can fix hardly anything. He's spending his time and energy fighting all the injuries he sustained.

He has had two heart attacks and his arteries in his legs are non-existent. He feels as though he is not a man anymore, and I am so depressed because we cannot pay anyone to help.

So things just keep getting worse. I have prayed to the Lord asking for help. Now here I am asking for help so we can get a home that does not need fixing, money for the bank, for all of his doctors and prescriptions, and for the specialists.

We actually walked away from workers comp. The doctors' money was never included. All of it was for nothing.

The union suspended my husband for not paying his dues. That was wrong. They used to stick together and help their fallen brothers, but not this time.

We truly need this grant for a home. Words cannot express how we are living right now. We have a 14-year-old son, who can't even ask friends to come over.

If we were able to get a grant for a home, we would need a new bed, a sleep number bed that goes up and down. My husband has been sleeping in a ripped and ragged recliner because we cannot afford a new chair.

Our beds and furniture are all ruined from water and from the roof leaking just about everywhere.

I am so sorry this story is so long, but I felt it necessary to help those in a position to help to understand how we are barely living, and how depressed we have become. The list of hardships just seems so never-ending.

Our prayer is for someone to help us get a grant to ease my husband's mind as well as mine and my son's. Please help us. We would be forever grateful. Thank you for your kind consideration to this matter. Todd and Gina and Sean Gibson.

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Jan 08, 2010
Keep hoping!
by: Anonymous

I am sorry about your troubles. Every time I read one of these, mine seems to mean nothing. I hope something comes though. Chins up!

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