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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money To Help With Multiple Disabilities

by Gerald Gilliam
(Tollhouse, CA, USA)

I'm accident disabled and I could use some grant money to help with my multiple disabilities.

When I was eighteen years old I was in a collision with a semi-tractor trailer and I was on a motorcycle. I was working a summer job to make some extra cash before I started college on the delayed entry program.

Immediately after the extent of my injuries became clear I was discharged and my future of going off to school to study law changed.

My left leg was broken in 17 places below the knee and was eventually amputated above the knee but my thighbone was also a compound fracture.

All my ribs were broken and so was my pelvis and back. I was paralyzed for about 18 months and gradually regained use of my body below the waist.

My dominant left arm had a shattered elbow and the decision was made to fuse it in the bent position. There was a lawsuit that left me with about 25% after paying the attorneys first, then paying all the deferred medical bills.

During the first few years I had trouble coping with what had happened to me so I had a lot of pain and medication issues to deal with.

I invested my money in real estate and businesses; however I needed help. After hiring almost every member of my family and having them live with me I still needed informed assistance with trying to run all of the various enterprises I was invested in.

I was still going back and forth between hospitalizations for revision surgeries for my injuries. As a result I placed too much trust in a person I really believed in.

He took off with the remainder of my liquid cash and left me with over $100,000 in debts to my vendors, mortgage companies and unpaid taxes.

It took me over three years to pay off everything I owed. While this was taking place my father was dying from cancer and the rest of my family members spread like the wind with whatever opportunity presented itself.

I was now on my own on Social Security Disability until Ronald Regan cleared the rolls of the disabled when he entered office.

In the year and a half it took to get reclassified as disabled, I went to junior college and earned an A.S. in Accounting and graduated first in my class.

I also met a woman with three children ages 9, 7, 5. I had an instant family. I got a job even in a wheelchair.

I was hired as a general ledger accountant. Within two years I had been promoted to controller of the company I worked for.

I also continued school at night and made it to within 12 units of a bachelor of science in accounting, but this was causing problems with my marriage.

My wife wanted me to quit school so I could spend more time with my family. She also thought that I was a workaholic and wanted me to start a business of my own so I would have more time with the family.

It sure didn't work out that way, so to get a more consistent income and less work hours I became a teacher.

I became injured on the job and had my back broken. After seven years of workers' compensation my wife left me because she never signed on for that so now I live in a singlewide trailer that makes movement very difficult.

I'm on disability and desperate to find a way into a real house with real employment and a chance to better my life.

I really could use some grant money to help with my multiple disabilities. There is always tomorrow to get a vehicle of my own and a shot at a job. It has to get better right.

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