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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money To Improve Working Conditions

by Daniel N. McFarlane
(DeForest, Wisconsin, USA)

I am a 54 year old white male living in the state of Wisconsin, I have lived here most of my life and love the area.

I became disabled about 15 years ago due to work-related injuries. The injury was to my lower back so I could not do the work I had been doing in the past.

During surgeries I suffered nerve damage and now wear a leg brace. I can walk on flat surfaces but have a great deal of trouble on uneven surfaces. I have atrophy in both my right hand and leg.

The local DVR placed me at a new job at much less pay then I had been making and I again suffered another injury this time to my right arm.

I lost about 50% of the use of my right hand. This job was supposed to give me training in a new field and did not.

After the injury I again changed jobs and they did give me some training but this was with printers (I was not supposed to be lifting).

I have worked for several companies since my last injury and it is always the same story. They make no attempt to work with me but belittle me when I can't do the work.

I am constantly made to do things that put me in great pain and I am left feeling like I'm less of a man.

I am a worker at heart and want to remain the work force. All I am asking is for a fair deal and a chance to come home at night without being in pain.

My goal is to start a company that would give me, and people like me, a place to work and be productive without being made to feel like we are small.

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