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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money To Increase Income As Pain Increases

by Robert L Adams
(Fort Myers, FL, USA)

My name is Robert Louis Adams. I am 66 years old and disabled from a variety of injuries and after-effects over the years.

From Kindergarten through twelfth grade I did well, graduating Valedictorian of my class at age 16.

College was interrupted by my first job as an engineering detailer and later as a dental assistant. My luck changed there when I strained my back and still had to carry my books and dental instruments daily at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Dental School.

My American wife of about 10 years filed for divorce after two years of study in Kansas City. My grades declined rapidly and I had to withdraw.

I returned home and resumed a small construction partnership that was started while I was working as the dental assistant. I worked hard at that for 10 years until I took my first vacation.

It was a six-week visit to mainland China where I met and married a nice Chinese friend of a friend. When I returned home, I was written out of the partnership and the apartment where I had been living finding my truck with a warped head.

I pulled things together as quickly as I could so that I would have a job and a home for my Chinese bride when she arrived six months later having forgotten most of the English that I had taught her.

I continued to work with her and her English. I had taken a class in teaching English to non-English speakers several year prior. She quickly learned to drive and held improving jobs in the restaurant field.

After three years she wanted to visit her parents so I found an English teaching job for six months that turned into a year.

WuJing told me that she wanted to have her tonsils removed while she was visiting her home that was near Beijing. That is the last that I saw of her; she had just received her green card.

At the end of the term I moved to Shanghai where I had determined the students were most interested in American English. I remained in the Shanghai area for four more years and met another Chinese young lady that became my fiancée.

We returned to Florida in 2002 after Angela had been accepted at FGCU while we were still in China. Once here with my help she graduated with a BS with honors. Next she chose the Florida School in Orlando where she earned a MS in taxation.

I was able to encourage her to get her CPA Certificate ASAP and then she divorced me. Yes, I have been thrown away four times and all the time aging and hurting more and more. I wouldn't change a thing though. I enjoy helping people. I'm the one who needs help now.

Disability Issues

I have been disabled for about 30 years and receiving SSI/SS for most of that time. Guess what? It doesn’t allow you to live without the allowed earned income.

I did what I could, but there was never anything left over to apply to the savings the government expects you to have when you finally have to totally retire.

My disabling injuries started in my mid-thirties with a damaged disc at lumbar 3/4. It has gotten worse with arthritis along with the rest of my spine.

I fractured my right hip in my late teens and arthritis brought it into the disability picture in my late 30s.

In my late 20s, I tore my right rotator cuff and it was brought on line with regular pain in my early 50s when I had it repaired.

Ibuprofen kept the pain tolerable until I had a semi-controlled fall in my early 60s on defective steps just outside my apartment door. The insurance settlement was poor because the injuries were re-injuries.

As each month has passed, I have been able to do less and less in the line of work. I had to totally retire about a year ago; the pain that followed was too great.

I have cut my expenses to the point that if I cut one more thing, it won’t be worthwhile to get up the next morning.

Now I am at the point that I can’t pay in full the usage of my charge card. It won’t be long before I am a street person.

My family and friends are not in much better situations so they can’t help. If I can’t find financial help, a hungry alligator might be as good an answer as anything.

Financial Hardship

I only have my Social Security as a dependable income and once I pay $600 rent, Medicare, phone, Internet, cable and water/trash I am usually broke.

Auto insurance, drinking water and gasoline expenses are usually carried over on the charge card. Sometimes Angela, my last ex-wife will pay something toward the charge card.

Most medications are covered by part D Medicare, but often there is a drug that I have to pay as much as $50 a month for.

I rely on free pantry food, which is pretty good except for dairy. I shouldn't have gluten but since it's in almost everything, there is one of the pay extra drugs. I use my ski pole for a cane. I need both knees replaced

Earning Efforts

Since I need both knees replaced, there aren't many jobs that I can do. With the added real unemployment of 20%, the number of jobs left for a disabled person is pretty well zero.

I do whatever I can and hurt pretty bad for the next several days after doing it. I have had no luck with any of the places that I have been told to look beyond what I have thought of.

This program of writing for a grant with guidance is my last opportunity as far as I know.

Specific Needs

I need a grant that does not specify where I can use it is needed. I have so many surprises of things that are no longer covered by the insurances that I thought would have me covered well.

Looking back, I don't know how I could have picked better. I have several chronic health problems that I have to live with because the Asian doctors said there was no way to treat and American doctors haven't a clue about.

Please somebody find me a reasonable solution.

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Oct 10, 2012
I'm real!
by: Robert L Adams

Please, anything you can suggest will be so appreciated.

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