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Accident Disabled Man Seeks Grant To Restore Life Shattered By Back Injury

by James Dorlack
(Delavan, WI, USA)

Back Pain Solution?

Back Pain Solution?

December 11, 2007 was a rainy day. Actually it was raining ice. My day began as a typical workday as a manager of one of the busiest McDonalds in the state.

Shortly after 11 am, a car was parked to wait for his order. I volunteered to go and bring it to him because no one would go because of the rain/ice.

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On my way back in to the building I slipped on ice, twisted and landed directly on the curb with my back and hip. I immediately felt the most pain in my life.

I was told to go to a clinic, which turned out to be a typical work injury clinic. They did x-rays, gave me pain meds then sent me back to work.

I could hardly walk and this doctor made me work. So I found my own doctor. He was a well-trained, strict doctor who referred me to a neurosurgeon.

I had an MRI, which revealed three herniated discs and that I have a grade 2 spondylolisthesis (where one vertebrae is sliding forward on top the one below).

This doctor was not willing to do treatment because of my age, and recommended epidural shots. So I had one shot done and had little to no relief.

My treating doctor was ignoring my pain and refused to do anything but conservative treatment. So I found a new doctor, a neurosurgeon.

He was very helpful and recommended more epidural injections and referred me to a Pain Management specialist.

This doctor was my savior. He prescribed proper medications, conducted MRIs, discograms and x-rays when needed.

After I received the results from the discograms, I was told surgery was the only option. So I set an appointment for December 18, 2008.

From that moment on I was as nervous as one could be. In an unfortunate but fortunate way my workers compensation insurance canceled the appointment so they could have a examination with their doctor.

Time went on and things continually got worse... Up until January 20, 2009 I was in so much pain I couldn't walk, talk, stand or do pretty much anything.

I was carried out to the car and we went to my fiancé's moms to await a phone call from my doctor. He called at about 6 pm and said "We have a bed for you. It will be ready soon. You will get a phone call."

I was giddy that I was going to get relief. So we made it to the hospital at about 9 pm and I got into my bed. My doctor wasn't there as it was late, but he called as soon as possible.

He didn't have very good news. What he said was, "You're going to need surgery SOON. Then he said the only opening he has is tomorrow or 4-5 months from now.

My instincts said no and we ended the call. During my stay at the hospital I got relief from the push button medication and my fiancé had a good conversation about why I should get surgery and I realized it was the thing to do.

So I slept and my doctor came in that morning, said good morning and that he heard that I didn't want to do the surgery. I replied, "No actually I have changed my mind and I would like to do it today."

He was alarmed but it was no problem. The surgery proceeded and I recovered well. I had to wear a brace for four months but my sciatica pain (nerve pain in my legs) went away almost completely.

I'm still in pain every day. It's hard to walk and sit for prolonged times. I cannot work and have no access to financial help (state or federal).

The pain in still unbearable and I can't tolerate it sometimes. I had to switch to less effective medications because I couldn't afford the effective ones.

I have a very difficult time taking care of my apartment and even myself. My girlfriend feels like she is being pushed to the wayside because we can't be as romantic as we were due to my pain levels.

Right now my situation is not so good. I can't afford food, clothes, or college. I have bills up to my neck for medications and medical supplies, rent, etc.

I'm not the begging type but If there is some kind of grant out there for a person like me please let me know.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to leave comments here for me. I wouldn't mind mental, spiritual or any type of advice. Thanks so much just for reading this.

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Jan 22, 2012
Old friend
by: joe zamora

Hey james, it's your old friend Joe. I know you're gone now and actually I didn't know that till yesterday but I wanted to say that I'm sorry I couldn't help. If I had known what happend I would have done everything I could to help you. Although I'm happy that your pain and suffering are over, I'm sad that you are gone. It almost seems like the worst things happen to good people. Well I'll see you up there big guy. Rest in peace.

Joe Zamora

Jan 15, 2010
Sorry, but some help...
by: Anonymous

I had a burst fracture of my L1 vertebra and did damage to the surrounding areas (disc and other vertebras) in 2001 when I was 14 years old. I had to have a bone graph of my hip to rebuild a vertebra and they but in some rods and screws that looked like yours, judging off the x-ray.

I've been through my fair share of bad doctors... you gotta find one that'll listen to you. I had a 2nd surgery to remove the metal rods and screws because they limited my activities. I really didn't want them to break and with the sports I played I needed them gone. Well I never was able to return to sports. I hear ya, bending, lifting, standing, sitting all hurt? everything hurts... talking about it makes it hurt worse.

It's been 9 years and I'm now 23, with degenerative disc disease, and arthritis. I had a 9 month recovery time after my first surgery but was told I'd never be 100% again? close but not really? It did take me about a year to feel a lot better, but winter is always more painful. Hang in there! Stay positive!

What makes me feel better, as the pain meds don't work. Don't take any cause the amount I need to dull the pain will knock me out and being a mom I can't have that lol! Try some yoga, start slow, stretching does wonders. (Child's pose is what I mainly do.)

Also it's hard but working out is good. Simply making yourself take a 5 minute walk will help over time. Another thing? work on your ab muscles, a stronger stomach puts less stress on your back. I use an ab slide or one of those ab wheel things because sit ups kill my back.

I often feel weak and pathetic when I'm having a bad pain day and I'll tell ya I know other people just don't get the type of pain your in. You can't understand it unless you've been through it and I'm suffering every day right along with ya...

Sorry that happened. People shouldn't have to live with this type of pain. I hope you can get a grant. Sorry I can't help with that though, but good luck!

Dec 02, 2009
Most heartfelt hopes for your condition to improve!
by: Andrew Oliver

I have minimal information at this time, but I am researching. One of my best friends has recently found out he has an awkwardly herniated disk in his lower back and is in serious pain and risk.

I would be in great debt if you could let me in on any useful knowledge of organizations or any helpful sources.

I shall share all my findings also.

I'm not sure if this is applicable but have a look at:


Best wishes,

Andrew Oliver

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