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Accident Disabled Man Wakes Up Needing Government Grant To Repair Home

by Christopher McPeck
(Lelan, NC, USA )

Hello, I'm Christopher. I'm 51 years old and I'm a guy who is always smiling and laughing.

I was married and I have a daughter and two grandsons. I moved to North Carolina back in 2003 because of work.

My hobbies are fishing and playing music. I love to sing and write songs.

People laugh at me because I have a rose garden. I'm a big guy who looks like a biker or a truck driver. I laugh back at them when they need a rose to bring home to their wife.

Anyway, that's a bit about who I am.

I moved to North Carolina in 2003 to work, and work I did. I was a nighttime sweeper.

I was driving a sweeping truck one night on my night off when a drunk driver hit me head on. I was doing 3-5 mph and he was doing 55-65 mph.

I had to have two lower back surgeries done. The doctor said I have a 50/50 chance to walk again. I did everything to learn to walk again, but I'm going slow.

I also have a new left knee and I'm on a CPAP for my sleeping disability.

It's hard for me to go from having a life and doing everything to not having a life and doing nothing, from getting around easily to just trying to get around.

That's my life. I had to wake up one day to realize that I have a disability and that I can't do much anymore.

I'm suffering financially from the accident.

I bought a mobile trailer home back in 2004. It's my home and where I was happy and getting to enjoy life. After all that has happened to me, my place has run down.

The roof, floors and insulation need to be replaced. My plumbing is going too. I can't do repairs myself and I can't pay someone to do it for me.

I'm trying to manage from what I get on my SSD check, which is less than $1,000 a month, but I'm getting nowhere.

Between my lot rent, my electricity and paying someone to drive me around, I'm broke by the middle of the month.

I'm looking for a grant to fix up my place. I heard that I might be able to get one. A friend told me that I need to apply for one to fix my place up.

I'm not going anywhere. This is my place and it's my home. I need to fix the walls and floors and the plumbing and electrical wires, and I don't know where to turn!

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