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Accident Disabled Masonry Construction Owner Seeks Debt Relief

by Jean
(Anderson, IN, USA)

I have had a business since 1971. Masonry construction was my trade for several years. Now finding debt relief is my full-time job.

Twenty three years ago one of my employees was working on a mortar mixer and he got his sleeve caught on the paddles, which were pulling him into the mixer.

Not being able to get to the kill switch, I had to try to shut it down by choking the paddles. This pulled my hand between the paddle and the wall of the mixer.

It worked and although the employee was badly bruised and spent four days in the hospital, he did not lose his arm.

I didn't fare so well myself.

The paddle of the mixer had almost completely severed two of my fingers. The stress on my body caused many seen and unseen physical problems, including tingling and loss of feeling in both fingers and hands.

After going to a couple of doctors to find out if there was any help for this, a surgeon in a nearby city told me I had cervical stenosis. He said I needed to have a surgery which entailed going into my spinal column and cleaning out around the spinal cord. to relieve the pressure.

I did and it took several weeks and a trip to the Mayo Clinic to find out that the surgeon had nicked my spinal cord. As a result, I'm not able to raise my left arm above my shoulder and I still have the numbness and loss of feeling in my fingers.

I since have had to stop masonry construction and started a small family-owned gravel pit. But due to ongoing health issues following that surgery, many of my nerves have stopped working properly.

I cannot walk a straight line. If you were to see me walking alone you would think I was inebriated. I do not drink.

I have no strength in my left arm and have no feeling in my hands. So everything I used to do and machinery I have worked on has become an impossible task. I now have to hire all work done.

I am now in financial debt between having a difficult time even getting into my equipment, to working on it. And the economy here has almost wiped me out. I was hoping I could get a government grant to help save my home and my company.

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