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Accident Disabled Mom In Severe Pain Seeks Grant For Medically Induced Debt

by Lavetta
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

I am a 52-year-old single African American woman, currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas with two adult children and one grandchild.

I have a 32-year-old son in school to become a cosmetologist, a daughter, 30, who is currently a parole officer in Dallas and my 5-year-old granddaughter, who is my pride and joy.

I worked for the Fort Worth Independent School District in the food service department for over 20 years.

I was injured in 1997 and was unable to work while under the doctor's care until March of 1998 when I had no choice but to retire due to my medical condition.

As a food service worker I often had to lift 50-200 pounds of products, as well as do a lot of bending and stooping.

In 2007 I began to have pains in my lower back and hip, which were labeled as due to arthritis until I was sent to a hip specialist.

That doctor informed me that it was not my hip, but my back. He sent me to a back specialist who diagnosed a herniated disc and one pinched nerve in my back.

I began to receive treatment for the disc and nerve.

Since my initial diagnosis my herniated disc and one pinched nerve has grown to two pinched nerves.

I am always in pain. I have some not-so-bad days and some better-than-yesterday days. I am currently taking a number of medications for different symptoms derived from my disability.

I have been accepted into a county hospital medical program for me to have regular doctor visits and have been labeled as permanently disabled.

Doctors have informed me that I will suffer with continued degenerative disc disease and nerve damage.

I have been without income since January 2010. When my benefits were stopped, I had to rely on my daughter to support me.

After more than a year of her providing for all of my needs, she had to move to another city to be closer to her job.

Since she moved I have not had any income and have been relying on community services and my son to assist me with my financial obligations.

My church helped me once with my bills and that got me caught up for about two months of bills and mortgage.

I am currently in arrears on my mortgage and for every utility in my residence.

I continue to attempt to appeal the decision to stop my benefits to no avail. I usually do not get an answer when I call the social security office, I don't get a return call when I leave a message, and when I get to speak to someone I get the runaround.

Because I have no income, my son gives me a little money on the bills to keep the utilities on, but he's finding it more difficult to assist me while he is in school with very little income himself.

My daughter has fallen on hard times and is not able to help me, as much as she had been because she has to provide for her own family. She does buy my medications for me.

I was previously receiving social security benefits but they have been cut off.

For a working individual with a decent income my mortgage is not a huge monthly payment, but because I am medically not able to work, I cannot afford the payment.

I do not have transportation or money to take public transportation, so I only receive a ride from a family member, or family friend, when I have to go to the doctor for an appointment or to buy groceries.

I receive food stamps and that takes care of my food rations. I will have to reapply to continue to receive them.

Before I lost my social security benefits I received Medicare. For about 3 months after losing my benefits I went without medical care.

Now, I am grateful to have been selected to participate in a county hospital program for medical care.

I am currently taking a number of medications for different symptoms derived from my disability.

I take Neurontin, prescribed at 300-milligram capsules three times daily for nerve pain.

I take Hydrocodone prescribed at 7.5/325 tablets taken once daily at bedtime for pain.

For muscle spasms, I take Methocarbamol, prescribed at 500-milligram tablets taken three times daily.

Also for pain, I take Tramadol in 50-milligram tablets every 6 hours.

Once a day I take 25 milligrams of Hydrochlorothiazide to drain the excess fluid that I regularly retain.

I have also been placed on medication for high cholesterol and I take Lipitor once daily for this condition.

Due to my pain level, I am not able to work. I have tried to go out to apply for jobs, with the help of a family member taking me to apply, only to return home in pain.

I inquired about selling plasma or blood for income, but the medications I take disqualify me for those types of programs.

I am currently not eligible for social security or disability benefits, but I am taking every step I know to assist in qualifying me to receive either type of income.

My church has helped me recently and I have been applying to other programs for assistance. I am attempting assist myself until I am in a better position.

I am seeking to obtain assistance in the form of grants to assist with paying on bills and my mortgage as well as sustain myself until I am able to begin to receive disability or social security benefits.

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Nov 09, 2011
by: Ken

Hi Lavetta,

It's terrible when you lose a job like you had for twenty some years. I know you get used to being at a certain comfort level, and that changes everything. The governments do not want you to know anything, and that is just wrong. Everyone needs lawyers now, just to find out your rights. I found a site that may be of some use to you. Copy and paste this to your browser:


It has some free legal advice on it. Has your doctor deemed you as disabled, in a printed report? You will need that. Keep up the fight. You'll have to go the distance on this one. Don't stay down; just take a little breather once in awhile. You will need it. Keep your spirits up along with your chin.

Best wishes,

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