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Accident Disabled Mom Wants Bill Paying Help From Disability Grant Money

by Angela Crennel
(College Park, Georgia, USA)

I am 58 years of age and live in College Park, Georgia. I had eight children, lost five and still have three living.

My mother stays on the other side of Old National Highway about three miles away.

My kids are 40, 38 and 33. They given me two granddaughters and there's a baby on the way.

I like to write books and songs and poems. I was given five Editor's Choice Awards for my poems.

I have also gotten certificates for getting my GED in 2012 after waiting 40 years to get it.

I want to go back to school for filming and animation to put the books I have written into movies.

Disability Issues

I was working at this job called Golden Gate LLC here in College Park, and was transferred over to another site.

The main supervisor hit on the driver's side as I was slowly pulling out to take the car to where it had to go.

Now my back and right knee are giving me problems and I cannot lift up anything. I have to wear a brace on my knee so the kneecap can stay in place.

Financial Hardship

I have not worked since September 10, 2012 and the Workers Compensation hearing is taking its time.

I do not have any money to pay my bills. The rent is $1286 and the light bill is $685. To get my gas back on and pay that bill is $415.

I do not have a phone only the free phones they give and the minutes do not stay on there if you have a long time to talk about taking care of business.

Income Efforts

Yes I have called all agencies and friends, family and they all tell me they are having hard times themselves.

The churches cannot help due to no funds.

Grant sites keep sending me to different pages and asking for money I do not have.

Specific Needs

I am seeking disability grants or any kind of help to keep my head above water.

I also need emergency assistance to keep the lights on and get the gas back on.

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