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Accident Disabled Navy Veteran Seeks Bill Paying Help While Awaiting Disability

by Scott Farnocchia
(Keene, TX, USA)

I am a 53-year-old accident disabled veteran discharged in 1978 from the Navy.

I have been married almost four years. My wife is 60 years old and draws an early retirement from the Texas school system. She also works as an aide to mentally challenged children.

We have maxed out our credit cards ($8000) in the past year to pay bills/food/automobile expenses.

I ruptured three disks all at once on January 14 2010. It happened at home so no worker's comp.

I was put on temporary disability for one year. On April 7, I underwent surgery. They replaced the three disks and fused my back with six screws and two rods.

There was also extensive nerve damage that they tried to repair. It left me with partial feeling in my legs and severe back pain.

In the past 1-1/2 years, I have begun falling due to my right leg not responding. I am being seen by the VA doctors.

They have placed me on pain management. They also have prescribed a TENS unit I use daily and handicapped devices throughout my home.

I have filed for permanent disability with an attorney. The disability doctor has evaluated my case and it is now waiting to go before the Judge.

Our financial hardship is trying to meet all of our living expenses: rent, utilities, food, automobile expenses, insurance, car loan and credit cards.

Our monthly costs are:
- $400 food
- $250 utilities (water, garbage, electricity)
- $700 rent
- $360 car loan
- $75 insurance is
- $250 fuel
- $150 household incidentals
- $50 phone is
- $300 credit cards

My wife gets $700 a month from her early retirement fund. She also makes $65 per day when she is at work.

I am unable to drive due to right leg trauma, so my wife misses work to take me to my appointments.

For the first year after surgery, we received temporary disability of $1600 per month until last January 2011.

My wife gets $700 a month on retirement and $65 per workday.

We have exhausted all other avenues of income, including borrowing from family, friends and churches. Our food stamps have stopped due to my wife earning $20 too much for the last quarter.

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Feb 05, 2012
Mess in Texas
by: Ken

Hi Scott,

That's gotta hurt, $20 too much for the food bank, wow! Here is an address that has quite a bit of information on it:


Here is another that I found that might help:


Also when you talk to your lawyer, find out if there was any possible way that your injury could have been a contributing factor to your disks? Well it sounds like you are on the right track here, so good luck!


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