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Accident Disabled Paralyzed Woman Seeks Grant Money To Walk Again

by Mary Ann Madrid
(Silver City, NM, USA)

Hello, my name is Mary Ann Madrid. I was born May 23, 1983 in a small town in New Mexico called Silver City.

When I was 17 years old I moved to Las Vegas Nevada with my father. Not long after we moved there my father decided to move back to Silver City, but I was not ready to leave yet.

At that time I worked as a manager at a local McDonalds. I lasted at that occupation for three years.

During those three years of management I also obtained a second job at a restaurant as a hostess and a busser. After about a year at that restaurant I was laid off due to new owners.

Not long after I was laid off, a friend of mine got me a job working at the painters union. There I worked heavy hours and had enough income to leave McDonalds and just stick to one job.

I enjoyed my job to the fullest. I was a wallpaper hanger and painted local casinos and buildings.

A year after I was there I decided that I was feeling a little homesick so I moved back to Los Lunas, New Mexico. I was not quite back in my hometown of Silver City, but I was close enough.

In Los Lunas I got a job as a sales manager at a rent to own furniture store, and also delivered furniture.

After a year I was hired at the Wal-Mart distribution center as a forklift driver in the freezer and dairy deli area. I enjoyed my occupation and was getting better at it day by day.

Three months into my new job I finally got a pay increase, but before I could enjoy it I was in a tragic motorcycle accident.

It was a summer Sunday night on August 27, 2006. A friend and I left a local restaurant on his Harley Davidson. Little did I know that would be the last time I was able to walk and the last time I got to enjoy the company of my friend.

I woke up about two weeks later under the hospital ceiling wondering why my mom was sitting next to me coming from Silver City and wondering why I had all these tubes and needles coming out of every part of my body.

I was not able to talk because I had a trach tube coming out of my neck and my jaw was wired shut. The only thing I was able to do was write, so I asked my mom what happened and she explained to me that I was in a motorcycle accident.

All I can remember is immediately asking how my friend Quin was. My mother told me that he was in a coma, sustained with the same injuries I had.

About a week after I was fully aware the doctor told my mom it was time to tell me the truth so she did. Not only was I paralyzed but also she said that Quin passed away on impact.

I could not believe what I was hearing, but the only thing I could do was cry silently because there was no other way. As tears of blood ran down my cheek I could not understand how this could happen.

I was told that he went head first into a van that passed a stop sign and I flew 20 ft backward off the motorcycle breaking almost every bone in my body.

Till this day I do not know who the lady is that found me and sat by my side letting others know that I was still alive, but whoever she is, she truly is my angel.

I was airlifted to UNMH. I was told that on the way I died for three minutes and the paramedic who was on board, again another angel, did not give up on trying to resuscitate me.

Along with the helicopter flight I had three blood transfusions. With all the injuries I sustained I am very grateful that I am alive and never lost hope to regain some of what I lost.

The past four years I have done intensive physical therapy of all sorts. I push myself to walk with leg braces and a walker, but I want to reach far more than that.

I know I can do it with the help of a grant. I was hoping somehow I could get your help. I figured if I cannot walk with natural healing my only hope would be supernatural healing.

I ask that you take this into consideration and grant me with a second chance to walk again. Thank you so much. Mary Ann Madrid.

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