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Accident Disabled Richard Needs Bill Paying Benefits To Get Van And Ramp

by Richard Robinson
(Fairbury, Illinois, USA)

I am a 57-year-old man with a wife and stepson. My stepson can't find a job in this small town.

Also this town has a racetrack and I have never been there. It is too loud. My family lives far away so I don't see them.

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Disability Issues

I did work until I hurt my back. I was a forklift driver for a door factory.

Now I can barely walk. I am in a wheelchair and on oxygen all the time.

Financial Hardship

My bills are very high. I can't pay them.

I need but because of my low income (basically SSI) cannot afford to:
- get a van with a ramp
- pay some of my high bills
- get transportation for my doctor appointments

Income Efforts

I have applied for and got SSI.

I have tried family, but there is no help there.

I have got help from churches for food.

I am also trying to get donations.

Specific Needs

I am in need of a grant to get me a van with a ramp. With my low income, I cannot get it or pay my high bills.

I am on SSI but that does not go far enough to get what I need when I have to take care of and feed my stepson and wife.


Editor's note. Richard, Your story could have more information about your disability. How did the accident happen? If work-related, was Workers Compensation involved? What medications if any are you on? The more detail you have the better your chances of helping yourself.

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