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Accident Disabled Single Man Seeks Grant Money To Help Pay Own Way

by James
(Bridgeport, PA, USA)

I am a 52-year-old single man with no children but plenty of overdue bills.

I have worked at various jobs, such as Antique Furniture Restoration, Auto Parts Warehouse, HVAC Warehousing and Automobile Dealerships for the last 30 years.

I have some college education but no degrees. I have always worked hard and gone the extra mile just because I felt like that was the right thing to do!

Disability Issues

It all began while making an auto parts delivery to one of my somewhat regular customers.

It was July 10, 1995. I was sitting in my delivery van on a local street waiting to make a turn into the store's parking lot when I heard a long skidding sound and felt a severe jolt to the back of my van.

The collision pushed me and my van (shorty) forward about 10 feet and slightly off to the side of the road.

Once I shook off the shock of this event I got out of my van and noticed there was a car behind me and it was destroyed in front and rear.

I rushed to the driver's side door and saw two women in the front seats. The driver was obviously still stunned by the accident and the passenger was unconscious.

I asked them if they were alright... but neither responded! I looked behind her car and saw that there was another car behind her (the striking vehicle).

That car had a 16-year-old boy and several of his friends inside, and they seemed to be okay. The police later estimated him as doing 80-90 miles per hour at the time of the crash.

Anyway, I did a mental injury check of myself as the ambulances were arriving and luckily I seemed to be no worse for wear.

To make a long story short I wound up with whiplash, a spinal sprain and strain, and a herniated disk in my lower back.

I was on light duty and had therapy for about a year and a half before getting fired 30 days after the doctors said I could go back to regular duty, but I had to "take it easy from now on."

Moving on... on September 2, 2008 I got a job at a local Cadillac Dealership as a Lot Attendant.

While doing some landscaping work on the lot with another Lot Attendant I felt a severe pain in my back for the first time in years, but I ignored it, thinking it was from the strenuous work I was doing and hoped it would pass.

Later that day I could feel a very strong spasm in my left buttock and I was limping. I mentioned it to my boss who just shrugged it off.

Over the next month or so the pain got much worse and I was still limping through every day and when I took a step on my left leg it took my breath away, but I struggled on knowing that the owner of the company frowned on employees taking time off.

Anyway, now I am disabled with seven herniated disks in my back with Spinal Stenosis, and a host of other medical problems I won't go into here.

Financial Hardship

Although I am collecting SSDI it is not enough to pay all of the bills. I live in a 200-square-foot apartment (maybe smaller) with the most basic of essentials.

I get food stamps but they only last about two weeks and welfare pays my Medicare premium and my supplemental medical insurance (thank God); however, I did have to wait two years for the Medicare coverage.

I need to borrow money at the end of every month just to make ends meet. This can't last forever!

I have to use a cane to walk to keep the pressure off of the sciatic nerve in my back and have difficulty sitting, standing and walking.

Despite the pain meds I am in pretty much constant pain. The L5-S1 disk in my back is completely gone not to mention the two disks above that are herniated and there are four more disks in my upper back that are damaged.

I filed a Workers Compensation Claim in January of 2010 but the judge denied it without giving a reason and ignoring any of the facts that were in my favor.

My attorney and I have appealed the case but he seems to be indicating that the appeal will also be denied leaving me with more than $20,000 in medical bills.

There is much more to this story but I will quit now because I have to lie down for a while because my back is hurting bad.

I hope there is some help for me out there, but from my experiences in the last few years I doubt it!

If you only knew how many times I heard the phrase "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for you." you would know why I am so cynical. But, thank you for listening.

Earning Efforts

I have thought about applying for part time work but If I earn "any" money I risk losing my WC claim.

I will not qualify for the assistance that pays my Medicare premium and my supplemental insurance that pays what Medicare doesn't.

I am trying to sell "drop-shipped" products on eBay but it is not going so well.

Specific Needs

I would like to make enough money to pay my own way but the system is skewed to force you to remain on assistance or lose the current help.

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