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Accident Disabled Single Mom Seeks Grant For Pain Relieving Handicap Bathtub

by Joyce
(Arlington, Vermont, USA)

I am a 46-year-old accident disabled single mother. I have three children, Michael, Kevin and Laurie, ages 26, 24 and 13.

Two live at home with me. I live in a two-story house that I own.

I've lived in Vermont for the past 25 years. I am from Long Island, New York.

In February of 2003 while I was driving home from a weeklong visit on Long Island visiting family and friends, I got into a car accident halfway home.

It was the other driver's fault.

I was driving on a two-lane highway doing 55 when going through a bend in the road I had seen a car that was coming out of a side street.

I noticed he didn't stop at the stop sign but halfway in my lane. I started to swerve into the oncoming lane, because nobody was coming.

When the other driver noticed, he stopped in my lane. He then proceeded to start driving forward as I swerved and I hit his driver side door.

I received a compound fracture to my right ankle. Luckily my kids were alright. The EMTs had to use the jaws of life to get me out of the car.

I was transported to a nearby hospital in Connecticut. They had to operate to put my bone back into my leg.

My parents had to drive two hours to pick up my kids. After two days, my parents came and picked me up so I could be in a hospital closer to home.

A day later at my local hospital they had to operate again to reattach all of the tendons, ligaments and nerves.

I was bedridden for two months with lots of pain. I had to sleep on the couch because I was not able to go up the stairs to get into my own bed.

I had later found out, when two police officers who had to come to my house and write up a report about the accident, that the other driver was an illegal alien.

He was drinking while on the job at the time of the accident. I had also found out that he lied to the police about who he was and the car he was driving. The insurance had run out 10 days before the accident.

Since 2003 I have not been able to get up and play with my kids, shop at malls, drive for long distances or do any of the things I used to enjoy in life.

Due to all of this I can no longer work. I used to work at two different post offices as a rural route carrier, clerk and a postmaster relief.

I was working part-time and making a good living for my children and myself. I used to be able to bring my kids to amusement parks, movies and basically anyplace or anywhere my kids wanted to go or do.

Due to my now financial problems with a much lower income I can no longer do these things with my children.

Due to my accident I have ankle, knee, back and hip pain. Because now my right leg is a tad shorter, I no longer have normal stability (or as the doctors say I'm "off kilter").

I get severe migraines that last for days.

I have difficulty climbing the stairs in my home, so now I sleep in a small room downstairs and one of my children has the master bedroom.

I can't shower very often because I have difficulty getting in and out of the shower.

I can only stand in place for a short period of time before the pain kicks in full force.

I am also scared of falling.

I have been to many doctors and was on many different types of pain medication. I have also seen two pain management specialists.

Nothing works so I have to endure being in constant pain. I was told though that bathing (in a handicapped bathtub) would help ease the pain.

I am having difficulty keeping up on my household expenses -- mortgage payments, electric, gas, fuel and taxes. I am getting deeper and deeper into debt.

I have used up all of my credit on my credit cards buying extra food, paying bills, clothing and other vital items needed for my children and me.

My only source of income now is my Social Security Disability check, food stamps and Medicaid and Medicare.

I did go to my local unemployment office and filled out an application for a part-time job to get extra income in the house. I had no success. I also don't know if I would even be capable of keeping a job.

I need to find a grant or benefits that would help me to get a handicapped bathtub and help with some of my financial burdens.

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