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Accident Disabled Single Mom Seeks Grant Money To Avert Homelessness

by Jennifer Bresnahan
(Jacksonville, Florida, US)

Me on my crutches

Me on my crutches

Me on my crutches My leg injury Me with my Daughter Candice

I am a 38-year-old single, never married, mother. I am raising my 14-year-old daughter with almost non-existent financial help from her father.

I completed a vocational program at Concorde Career Institute for Insurance billing and coding. I graduated with an A average, completed my externship.

My daughter is in 7th grade now and growing very fast and changing every day.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident in October 2004. I was a passenger on the motorcycle when we were struck by a drunk driver in a truck.

The driver of the motorcycle was thrown from the motorcycle and I was squished in between the motorcycle and the truck on my left side.

My heart stopped at the scene and I was life-flighted to the hospital. I was in a medically induced coma for three days and woke up to find that I had lost my left leg below the knee and almost lost my left arm.

I have spent months in and out of the hospital and have gone through more surgeries than I can remember without looking it up.

I also have injuries to my back and neck from the accident. My body has suffered greatly from the injuries and my mental health has declined dramatically.

I have tried to work since the accident but I can never make it last, I am in severe pain constantly so a lot of places will not hire someone who has to take as strong a pain medication as I have to take.

I have been going to one doctor or another for at the very least once a month for seven years now.

I have undergone numerous surgeries and now my amputation has gone above the knee.

I have applied for SSA more than twice and have tried to go through attorneys and have been denied.

I finally started receiving SSI in July 2009, but it was stopped on May 2012.

I have filed for child support enforcement three times trying to get help with financing and insurance for our daughter, but to no avail. He keeps moving.

Now my Medicaid for my daughter and me has also been canceled because my daughter's father told them that he was living with me again so he could dodge child support enforcement.

I have since proven that he does not reside with us or financially help me with our daughter.

I am in process of trying to get Medicaid, food stamps and cash assistance from the Department of Children and Families.

My daughter and I are about to lose our residence, because I have no income at all now and cannot pay my bills.

My mother tries to help me with $100 a week, but everything is too far behind for her to help me anymore. I am almost two months behind now.

I cannot afford my medications that are coming up in two weeks and I have to have them to get through daily. I do not know how I am supposed to come up with the money.

I have applied for jobs but cannot pass the drug tests. Even with prescriptions I do not get hired. SSI has been cut off. I am trying now to get it started again.

I have tried working on surveys and other online jobs, but have only lost money.

My mother has been giving me $100 a week but my bills are too far behind for that to help us and it has put a financial strain on my mother.

I am looking for SSI, grants, benefits, insurance, advice or anything I can get to help us live comfortably and without fear of being homeless next week.

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