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Accident Disabled Single Mom With Chronic Back Pain Seeks Meds And Legal Help

by Vanessa
(Jackson, MS, USA)

I'm a 42-year-old accident disabled single mother of three children.

I have degenerative disc disease. This is the result of an injury that I had in 2000. It has progressed over the years and now I'm unable to work.

I've applied for Disability Benefits five or six times and have been denied each time. I've hired a lawyer and was denied again, so now I'm waiting for the Appeals Council.

I'm in need of medical attention but can't get it because I have no medical insurance.

I was receiving Medicaid but it was discontinued after my last child turned 18 years of age.

All of my resources are running out and I'm unable to get the pain medicine needed.

I'm presently living with a friend who has been a very big help to my children and me, but it's frustrating because I'm unable to help out on bills. This makes me so depressed.

I'm a certified nurse assistant, but I'm unable to do that kind of work anymore.

I have tried to work from home but my condition worsened. I had to have two surgeries in 2010 and haven't been able to work from home ever since.

I need medical assistance, help with medications, help finding a dependable SSI lawyer and someone I can talk to.

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