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Accident Disabled Single Mother With Nerve Damage Needing Financial Help

by Jennifer
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

I am 31-year-old disabled single mother with one child under the age of 10. I am a truck driver.

My disability is nerve damage in the left ankle and this occurred on December 24, 2010.

I was delivering a pallet of frozen food and used an electric pallet jack with a braking mechanism that was not working properly.

I backed the pallet jack up to turn the pallet jack sharper into the freezer and when I tried to stop the pallet jack, it kept moving, crushing my left ankle underneath of the pallet jack and into the pallets behind me.

The injury to my nerves in the left ankle is permanent and getting worse. I am currently going to a doctor and right now unable to return to work due to this injury.

I have a very difficult time performing easy household chores such as washing clothes, dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and wiping things down.

I cannot work and have not worked since the date of the injury. I am using a cane at this time to walk around. I cannot run, walk fast or jog. I cannot walk for more than an hour at a time.

My ankle has been getting worse pain wise. I am on antidepressants because of this injury as well.

I became severely depressed because I have been trapped in my apartment for over a year now.

Transportation is very difficult. I have issues with paying for fares (no income) for cabs, buses, etc., due to no income.

I am unable to return to work in my field, however I have applied to SSI and Social Security, and requested help from local churches.

I have also enrolled in online education courses to be trained in something that I am able to do.

I am looking for immediate financial assistance with personal grants to pay my bills, personal hygiene, gas (for a vehicle I borrow when possible from a friend), clothing for my son and myself and basic living necessities.

I also am able to drive but I have no vehicle and the vehicle would have to be an automatic because I cannot push a clutch in with the damage to my ankle.

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Mar 28, 2012
Bent in Baltimore
by: Ken

Hi Jennifer,

Do you have Worker's Compensation to help you out? Employers should pay a portion of this, especially if the equipment you were using was in need of repair. Check this site out; it may help:


Also you may want to talk to a lawyer. Try these people who do a lot of work on this:


Good luck,

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