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Accident Disabled Student Needs Financial Help To Fulfill Her College Dreams

by Glenneisha
(Miami, FL, USA)

My name is Glenneisha. I was involved in, and left disabled by, a tragic rollover accident.

The accident left me as a vent dependent quadriplegic. I am unable to move anything below my breasts.

I got ejected from the vehicle coming from college in Tallahassee, FL on Thanksgiving break. I was attending Florida A&M University.

I caught a ride with a student I barely knew just to get home to see my family. It didn't dawn on me that this would have a tragic outcome.

I only remember waking up in the hospital asking for my belongings.

The other people in the vehicle walked away except for the driver and me.

The doctors announced my injuries to my mom and me… I was now a C3-C4 and T-11 paraplegic.

My left diaphragm was severely damaged leaving me on a breathing machine until further notice.

It was unfortunate for me to end up having limitations. Before my accident, I was a very active child in school and outside. I played sports preferably basketball.

However, this hasn't stopped me. I am now enrolled in college at Florida International University as a pre-public administration student.

I attend classes online and on-campus. I also attend my family church. On weekends, I go to the movies with my family and nurse.

I also receive therapy to keep my ligaments stretched. I am currently in a Sip-n-Puff Wheelchair to maneuver around.

I use ATS (Zuni Transportation) to get to appointments, school and other places. It is hard to adjust to ATS because sometimes I'm not on time or the pick-up is late.

When that happens, I am with other disabled passengers in wheelchairs that are before me and this causes me to get home late.

Although I understand the terms and agreement to public transportation, since I am vent dependent – a breathing machine – it is hard for me to cough on my own.

I have to constantly get suctioned so I won't choke. But, that doesn't stop me from living my life!

I constantly remind my friends and family that I am thankful to be able to accomplish my goals despite my current condition.

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Apr 19, 2016
by: Destiny Bryan

Please contact me.

May 21, 2015
Career Goals
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Glenniesha,

Your courage and tenacity leave me awed. To have such a devastating injury and still want to pursue your college goals is nothing short of a miracle.

Have you had a chance to get into Don's Workbook yet? Have you found the resources you need there?

Another great resource is from an associate of Don's, Brian, who manages Disability Digest. The website is here:

Disability Digest

Once you click on the link, read through it, then join at the bottom. No cost, no charge, no obligation. But tons of benefits for you.

You might also fill in the easy online forms at Benefits.gov to see what you qualify there for. Many I'm sure.

I am going to publish your story on my Google+ and Facebook in hopes the right person could read it and be lead to help. If I had the finances, I would myself.

You take care and many blessings to you.

Sheila Paris

Jan 12, 2015
You can get the Workbook now!
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org


With your story published, you can now access the Disability Help Guide Workbook.

The Workbook will guide you through the process of getting grants/benefits/help.

If you're ready to do this, just contact us.

Don Coggan

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