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Accident Disabled US Army Reserve Veteran Seeks Help Getting Benefits

by Christ Gonzalez
(Highland Park, NJ, USA)

At the Hospital

At the Hospital

At the Hospital Left Leg before Stitches At the Scene of the Accident

My name is Christ Gonzalez. I've been in the US Army Reserves since 2001.

On August 17, 2012 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The accident left me with a broken left fibula and fractured right hand, as well as other scraps and bruises.

Before the accident I was working as a maintenance worker for an apartment complex (Oxford Realty). And before that, I was overseas with the military.

But more importantly, I was in the process of getting hired by the Philadelphia Police Department. I was 3/5 of the way in the hiring process and things were looking promising.

I'm currently trying to apply for Disability Benefits and I've tried applying online for at home work, but so far no luck.

In the meantime, no one seems to have any compassion, and my bills are still present and piling up:

- Rent $800
- Car Payment $220
- Credit Card Payment $150
- Cell/Optimum Online $230
- Insurance/Food/etc.

I can't work in a job that requires me to move around on my feet, or use my hands too much. But I am willing to do something/anything that I can actually function in.

I don't know what to expect from writing this, but hopefully, at least, I'll get some advice. Thank you all for your time.

Christ Gonzalez

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