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Accident Disabled Woman Looking For Government Grant Money For Housing

by Evadney Rowe
(Winter Garden, FL, USA)

I'm a 53-year-old woman disabled due to a back, neck and shoulder injury on my job in 1993. I'm looking for government grant money for housing.

Ever since, I've been having a hard time. My husband passed away in 2000, because of working too hard. He had a massive heart attack.

My mom who was living with me passed away, because of the stress and going into a diabetic coma the following year in 2001. I had to sell my home in 2002 after struggling with numerous severe late payments and went to stay with a friend.

I manage to saved some money as a down payment and bought another home in 2005 with a plan that when I had enough equity in the home I would sell it and buy a small home for cash so that I would have to pay only the utilities, all because of my disabilities.

In 2006 when I was ready to sell, the market crashed and I lost everything. After I lost my home, I went in a deep depression to the point I was seeing and hearing things.

I was homeless. I managed to rent an apartment (who gave us one month free to move in) for nine months and then I was homeless again.

A friend took me in her home paying half of what I would normally paid if I was on my own, all because I am disabled (I don't smoke, drink, or party or do any of that stuff) and I cannot work.

I tried many times to work and always had to leave because my body was too weak to manage the task.

During all these problem I have gotten married twice. The first marriage lasted two week because of his physical, verbal, mental, and emotional abuse.

The second marriage was good on those aspects but he had gotten laid off at his job because of his job downsizing.

My husband has a job now but he is not making much and I am getting disability and social security disability income. We need a home that we can call our home, based to our income.

We need help (for the down payment and closing costs) in this area. My husband never owned a home. As I am writing this letter I have to lie down in bed due to my illness because I cannot sit this long to write.

I am asking if there any government housing grant or other assistance out there to help us. Thank you very much. E. Rowe, Winter Garden, Florida.

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