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Accident Disabled Woman Needs Help Compensating For Workers Compensation

by Sherry Desoto
(York, PA, USA)

My name is Sherry Desoto and I'm writing this letter to let you know what has happened to me because of the workers compensations laws.

I worked for a franchised McDonalds as a manager and I got hurt at work. The repair company that puts in equipment and does the repairs for this company installed half of an ice machine in one of the stores.

The owners only put half of the machine because they wanted to save money. When the repair company installed the ice machine they didn't put the proper guard to block the ice when it falls in blocks to make the cubes come apart.

As a result of this I was injured, but Workers' Compensation continued to have me work. I would be on restrictions one time and then off restrictions the next time.

Because of the accident I have had two surgeries and limited light duty on my right extremity and after this happened I started having problems with my left extremity because I was using my left to compensate for my right extremity.

Well I have had four Workers' compensation claims. I know I need surgery on my left extremity and I have not gotten that yet.

I have to take medicine for the rest of my life. I have medical bills that aren't paid and to top it off the company that I worked at for seven years fired me.

Now my income is in half and I'm struggling to pay my bills, put food on my table. Workers' Compensation said they wanted to settle but they keep putting it off, making yet another court date after another court date.

I might lose my car, my house and my dignity if I don't get some help from someone. To top it off my husband is seriously ill and is disabled and has a lot of health problems.

I have worked hard for most of my life and so has my husband and when you needed help they don't want to help you. I wish someone would hear my cry for help.

Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Sherry Desoto.

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