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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Book Grant To Tell Story Of Life To Avoid

by Christina
(Keansburg, NJ, USA )

I was born on Valentines Day in 1971. My real mom gave me up, and so did my adoptive mom.

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I was sent to institutions at the age of nine. A girl raped me. After that happened, I was sent to an all girls school.

I was looking for a mother figure from the older girls. Then I got a girlfriend. At the time I thought it was to fit in.

My mother wanted nothing to do with me. Christmas time was sad. I was the only one who didn't go home. The other kids made fun of me.

I was classified as an emotionally disturbed child, all because I wanted my mom.

My caseworker would come once a month to take me clothes shopping and to eat. I would be so happy to escape the pain I was in.

I ran away a lot but the cops always got us, except once when we made it to New York.

My friend slept with guys so we would have a place to stay. Then we met this guy who bought us clothes, food and drugs, and gave us a place to stay.

One night, he put us out on the streets. I froze. The pimp was mad and sent me back to the girls home.

When I was 14, the judge ordered me home. My mom said, "Don't call me mom, call me Mrs. White."

She didn't really talk to me, but she told me if I went back to the school I would get a car when I turned 17.

I cried and left with this girl to brick city (Newark). I was free and it felt good until the day I tried crack.

We smoked out of one of those big glass bottles. I got scared. I didn't like how it made me feel.

One day this guy and his friend invited us over. I ended up alone with this animal. He raped me. He choked me. After he came he peed in me.

I couldn't walk. I called my mom and she said, "Oh well don't call no more."

I went back to the state but I never stayed in one place, and I ran away again.

I did a lot of drugs. I tried to kill myself a lot. Twice I wound up in ICU. The second time was serious. I was on life support.

In 2007 I was in a trauma car accident. I broke my left hip, pelvis, sternum, ribs, nose and the right side my arm.

They couldn't save my arm and my hand. In 2010 I was blessed. Dr. Elkwood gave me surgery on my arm and hand for free.

The next day I was in an ambulance that slammed on the brakes and I wound up in worse condition. My back hurts, my hand is dead and my hip needs a replacement.

I can't walk right. I walk like a duck. I have a contraption on my right arm that causes people stare at me or ask questions because they never saw anything like it.

I am disabled for life. I have hardware in my body and I have to get another surgery.

But the reason why I want a grant is to tell my story.

I have been raped countless times. I did so many drugs I could have bought a house with the money I spent.

I tricked with men I didn't know. I could go on and on.

Please help me with this grant so I can help those who might be drawn into the same kind of life I had.

They don't have to go through what I went through, seeing a murder and almost getting killed myself.

I have been clean for three years. By telling my story I am healing and most important, I exist four my four kids, my husband, and the love of my life, my grandson.

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Jan 09, 2012
Sorry about your sad story
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear your sad story but it amazes me how people wait for a tragic somethimg to happen. How about giving a grant to a person who was hurt through no actions of their own.

Nov 23, 2011
May God Bless
by: Julie Ann T

Your words came off the page and into my heart. I just can't understand why this had to happen to you. All we ever want in life is to be loved, and give love. God has blessed you now with a wonderful family, husband and now a beautiful grandson. All those yesterdays are there now to bury and put them to sleep. Concern yourself now with today only. Just remember when you are worried, give your troubles to God; he will be up all night anyway... May God bless! Love

Nov 22, 2011
by: Lauren Renouf

I was very moved by your story. I am a 19 year old girl who was also given up by her mother at a young age and who has also gone through some of the hardships you have gone through. I would love to see how the finished account of this book would look. Best of Luck.

Nov 17, 2011
A prayer of hope for you...
by: irene f.

i was very moved by your story. You had a very bad life and I am so very sorry for all the pain you went through. I hope you get your grant so you can tell your story. It just might save someone's life. God bless you. Keep the faith 'cause God has a plan for you. Don't give up on your dreams. You will be in my prayers every day for as long as you need them.

Nov 17, 2011
Wish you the best
by: Mike fornicola

I read some of your story and I know it would help others to heal who also dealt with this type of life.

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