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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Disability Grant For Financial Debt Relief

by Cheryl
(Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

I am 47 years old and single! I enjoy road trips, concerts, hanging out at the lake, cook outs, and going out to eat with my friends and family.

I love country music, shopping and travelling. I am also very spiritual.

I am a Packers fan and enjoy other sports like USA Women's Soccer, Tennis, WNBA, Skating, NFL, and Olympic sports.

I like watching Days, The Voice, X-Factor, Nashville, Dallas, Fox News, and Good Morning America. I also like ghost shows and the Long Island Medium show.

Disability Issues

My left shoulder is 20% permanently disabled. I have Rotator Cuff Syndrome.

It was a work-related injury. I had intense physical therapy. The shoulder just gradually got worse to the entire trauma on my shoulder.

I had frozen shoulder as well. I also underwent shoulder surgery last June. The doctor released me this November 2012. He informed me that I've got the disability and there is nothing more they can do for me.

Financial Hardship

I haven't worked since the injury happened in 2011.

I've got credit card and medical bills debt. Worker's Comp dropped me after I wasn't able to pay one month of any medical bills.

They called it a minor injury. They never saw me. They just based their findings on assumptions.

I have no money or insurance to pay for meds. I've just got food share.

I finally got on energy assistance. That's about it with the help.

Credit cards got high. I paid some bills and every day expenses using credit card. I got a house mortgage loan as well.

Income Efforts

I lost my job due to this injury.

I appealed for SSI. I just filled out Medicaid.

I received no grants or any other help. Now, I am in severe financial debt!

Specific Needs

I want no sympathy. I just need some help on how I can get out of debt. I need SSI so I can pay monthly bills.

I got a lawyer for worker's comp. I'm seeking some type of financial help, grants, or benefits at this point.

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May 25, 2017
Hi Cheryl, I know how you feel
by: Shawn Hammes

Hello Cheryl, I was in a car accident in January of 2000. It wasn't my fault. Then 6 months later I was in another car accident again not my fault. Long story short is I could no longer do my job. My attorney got me SSDI because I had enough points to collect. My home was hit by a drunk driver December 19th 2014. The contractors who repaired my house did a terrible job. Now I have mold problems. I cannot repair this. I can barely pay bills. I hope you get the help you need. God Bless you sweetie!

Dec 04, 2012
by: Cheryl

Thanks for the advice on SSI! I am already aware of vocational rehab training. We just sent information on over to them last Friday! I am new to all of this so I appreciate any advice you guys give me! :)

Can you please show me where the surveys are at? I can't seem to find that section!

Thanks again,


Dec 02, 2012
Everybody Gets No Before Yes
by: Claudy

Cheryl, I have never heard of anyone getting disability the first time! It seems as if it is an automatic NO the first time. In fact it is rare for me to hear of someone getting benefits on second appeal!

Most lawyers in my area won't even accept you until after one denial and they will tell you two denials is better before they will take your case!

But I am sure you will love benefits.gov because there is a lot you can access now. Do not forget you will be paid for every month since you could not work. It is like savings.

Vocational Rehabilitation or Voc Rehab might be something you would maybe want to look into. They re-train you in a field you might be able to work in. If you always work with your hands then they will train you in a field that doesn't require hands. That can mean sending you to college or technical school. Just maybe you might be interested in something like that.

Do that benefits survey and you will not be disappointed.

Still wishing for your luck.

Dec 01, 2012
Disability Grants
by: Anonymous

Hi Claudy,

Thanks for responding and advice! I had to appeal the first request for SSI. I do not have that yet! I am looking for any type of financial aid that can help get me out of debt and pay my monthly bills!

Yes there are a lot of wants and needs cause I have nothing right now and I am new to all of this!!

Thanks again,


Dec 01, 2012
Try Some Other Avenues
by: Claudy

I am not sure what you are saying but I think you mean your doctor said you got disability? Meaning you will be receiving SSI real soon? Which means you will receive a large check for the months you were disabled yet not approved.

I'm not sure that is what you mean though. Some of your situation isn't clear to me. If you haven't received SSI or you want to know all the government benefits and programs you may qualify for go online to benefits.gov for a complete list.

The way benefits.gov works is you take a survey answering all kinds of statistics. It is easy. After you answer all the questions a computerized list of all the federal, state and local agencies and programs you qualify for will be made. It will include addresses and contact information. I assure you you do not realize all the help!

I had one problem when I took the survey! I couldn't get the 'next' to click at the bottom of the page after I answered all the questions. So in that case there is a list of each page of the survey on the top left side the page. I just clicked the next page in the row and was able to keep going.

I hear a lot of needs and I know there are agencies for help with each need you mentioned. I am positive of that!

Great luck to you really soon and I'm certain it is only a click away!

Good bye.

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