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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Disability Grant Money For Daily Living Needs

by Bridgette
(Semmes, Alabama, USA)

My name is Bridgette. I have had three children. My two boys passed on separate occasions, and that has had a significant impact on my life.

I have three sisters. I am close to two of them. My real mother has not been a part of my life since I was six years old.

My father and stepmother are still living.

I am separated from my husband and we are in the middle of a divorce right now.

I'm looking for a fresh start, a chance to adjust to who I am now and who I want to be.

Disability Issues

A drug addict leaving a yard sale hit me. Since then, I have been in a wheelchair.

I cannot walk more than a few steps because I have no knee joint in one leg. I also have a plate in my leg to hold the bones in place. They were broken so badly they wanted to cut my leg off.

I am in constant pain. I have muscle spasms daily. I have to sit with my leg up some.

The emotional pain is about as crippling. The grief of losing my son and the loss of use of my leg can be very overwhelming. I cry every morning and usually a few times a day.

Being in a wheelchair takes a toll on the rest of my body. I have hand wrist and shoulder pain now. The hips hurt the worst.

I also have bladder incontinence which means I have to wear pads.

Financial Hardship

I had a fund set up when the accident first happened. I received around $400. I had no insurance at the time. I used that just on dressings and ointments alone. It was $55 to see the doctor that I was seeing once a week for about two months. I had to pay for all of these.

A taxi had to come take me to the doctor; that was $100 a round trip.

I needed a brace. They gave me one, otherwise that would have been $1000.

I can't work. I receive $696 a month.

I am unable to live off of that amount.

Income Efforts

I received some donations in the beginning but it's been two years now. I am totally paying for all my needs from my disability check.

I have looked into working from home, but they all want an investment that I can't afford.

Specific Needs

I need help with getting a vehicle that has the controls on the steering wheel for the gas and brake.

I need a power wheelchair and the hook up on a vehicle.

I need a new home; my home is a trailer and it's falling apart.

I need legal help with my divorce.

I need counseling really bad. I need to see someone for my PTSD and depression.

I need help with groceries. Since my check, they cut my food stamps to $34.

I need help with household needs, laundry soap etc.

I need help with incontinence supplies. I wear bladder protection pads. They get expensive.

I don't expect things to fall in my lap but any and all help would be appreciated.

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May 13, 2015
Getting Help
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Bridgette,

It's been some time since your story was posted and I noticed you didn't respond to the two who wrote in helpful comments, so I'm hoping you were able to read them and follow through with their great suggestions.

How tragic to have been hit so hard in an assault that it put you in a wheelchair! I'm so sorry that happened to you. I don't know if you've gotten any benefits yet or not, but hopefully so since you had many needs and deserve the help.

Another source of resources can be found here:

Disability Digest

It's called Disability Digest and is run by an associate of Don's who also offers services for the disable for free.

Let me know how you do with it and if you need any help getting the services.

Many blessings and good tidings!


Dec 18, 2012
Alabama is not so sweet.
by: Ken

Hi Bridgette,

Claudy has some excellent advice! I would suggest a free consultation from experts like Binder and Binder. They have a team of specialist lawyers that may help you. Even though it was a drug addict who hit you, he or she is responsible. Lawyers are not always bad and can help you.

Take care,

Dec 18, 2012
More Questions Some Answers
by: Claudy


What's going on there in Alabama? You get disability which means you get Medicaid or Medicare or both. I am assuming that $55 is your specialist co-pay. For them to cut your food stamps is determined by need. There is some need because you get $34. If for instance you didn't receive either Medicaid or Medicare, you probably have county or city insurance available. But you have insurance because you get disability. Why are you not getting mental health counseling with your insurance? You need it.

I thought or have noticed that when your insurance won't pay for an electric wheelchair usually they expect you to walk again! Plus your insurance just might help you with a ride to and from the doctor. If not, there is some agency that will get you to and from the doctor. Ask the doctor about how you may get transportation.

Go to benefits.gov and answer the questionnaire. It will give you a computerized list of all the benefits you qualify for. It is complete with addresses and contact information. You'll be surprised how much you did not know about government help. Benefits.gov have a new video link to explain it all to you. It is really a great help in finding benefits. But your story leaves me with a lot of questions.

I an hoping for you to have some really good luck soon. I am pretty sure there is help for a lot of what you are in need of. You'll get it with benefits.gov.

Good luck soon to you. Take care...

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