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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Government Housing Grant For New Home

by Derrelyn Barrett
(Hampton, Virginia, USA)

I am a disabled person and have been since I was rear-ended in a car accident in 1984. Now I'm looking for a government housing grant to get a place I can call my own.

I managed to work until 1994 though I haven't been able to ever since. I was married to a military man, but I had to leave him six years ago with no income from him at all.

I have since lived with my daughter here in Hampton, Virginia and with my mother in Philadelphia, Pa.

I have longed to be able to have an apartment of my own for a long time but my only income is an SSI check of $674 a month and I can't afford an apartment on that money.

I have tried applying for low-income housing but they say I need to be making three times the money that I get each month. I really could use help getting a place of my own to live in.

My husband has recently come back into my life but he hasn't been able to work in the last year because he developed cancer.

He has just applied to go to school in Orlando. The school starts in April and since he seems to have improved how he treats me I will try to go there with him but we need somewhere to live once we get there.

He also owed the IRS money from not filing in 2002 so they are taking his military retirement check each month until it is paid back. Please help me!

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Mar 30, 2010
Housing Grants
by: Katina

Thanks for sharing your story!

There may be grants available for moving expenses and individual grant assistance to help pay for utility cost, however a grant large enough grant to move into a home of your own is scarce.

Have you considered enrolling in a college yourself? You could apply for scholarship assistance to help cover the cost of living while attending. I'm disabled myself, in a lot of pain and managed to commute one hundred miles a day to and from campus. I was often sitting on the side of the road in my car with ice behind my neck, and made it late a lot the two years of school, but it's not impossible.

I'm going to throw out one little word that we should all consider before making a major life change: Plan.

You've taken a great step into that direction, by seeking financial assistance.

Long term financial planning, is so difficult for a person who has disabilities. This is why I always suggest education. There are so many grants/and scholarships that will cover the cost of health insurance, books, gasoline, even day care expense. I was able to pay for my car, a computer... home utility cost, all by volunteering and writing scholarship essays for five years. I think I wrote approximately 100 scholarship essays and won about 15 of them, the odds are generally more favorable, if proper planning is done.

I sort of steered away from the grant for housing. HUD housing is limited to credit checks and saved money, while programs such as the Housing Coalition may be something to consider.

When you mentioned in your story, your husband is treating you better, I hope there was no violence involved. If there was, be careful. Remember, you are important, and you deserve to be treated with respect, and kindness. Never take anything less than how you treat others -- ever.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Katina from ability-mission.org

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