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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Computer Course

by Patricia Jaworowicz
(Plymouth, Michigan, USA)

I am a 55-year-old married woman. I have four grown children who all have their own families. I am a grandmother of three beautiful girls and three handsome boys, and I have a cat named Cuddles.

Disability Issues

I was in a motor vehicle accident in September 2000 in New York.

I was diagnosed with a crushed T6 vertebra. I was hospitalized for two days and then I was sent home to follow up with physical therapy.

I was released to go back to work in 2001. Though I did not have any work restrictions I suffered from severe headaches and back pain.

When I returned to Michigan, I was seen by a spine specialist but after months of physical therapy I was worse, not better. My doctor did an MRI and gave me two weeks off work as my spinal cord was pinched into the T6 vertebra.

The doctors planned to remove two discs from my neck and put a plate and six screws in place to straighten my spine. I also have a deteriorating disc in my back.

I am depressed, not physically fit anymore and overweight due to my medications.

I am on eight medications due to depression, fibromyalgia and back pain. I cannot stand or sit for any amount of time without moving.

I had a hip replacement. My hip had deteriorated so badly that my surgeon mentioned that he could not believe it when he operated to replace my hip; the x-rays were deceiving compared to what was actually going on inside my body.

Financial Hardship

I receive $835 per month after they take my part B Medicare insurance out. I also have a prescription plan with Premier Insurance that costs $36. My out-of-pocket medications are approximately $250 per month.

When I go with my grandkids I have to use a scooter or a wheelchair due to severe pain from too much activity. I endure severe pain when I am out, even with being able to sit on a bench. I have a cane-walker I use when I feel unbalanced.

My husband is in the automotive industry. After the fallout, the industry is still not up to 100 percent, so his jobs are off and on. He does not have steady work.

Income Efforts

Though I receive SSI benefits, I checked the computer for work. I was disappointed to find that most were scams.

When my husband works, he makes an excellent income, but then I don't qualify for any extra help.

We have all that we need to live our daily lives, even in our down times. Other people are worse off than we are. I am thankful for the SSI and my husband's income.

Specific Needs

I would like to take a basic computer course for more knowledge and put it to use in my employment. I know at this time I would not be eligible for a grant.

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