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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Debt Relief

by Venus Fay Heard
(North Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

On March 8, 1984 at 7:55 AM, a city bus struck me while I was riding my bike to school. I became physically disabled then and now, I'm financially disabled and seeking debt relief.

The facts came out that the bus driver was at fault. He was eating his lunch (yes, at that early hour), he was on heart bypass medication and he was driving 45 in a 25 mile-per-hour school zone.

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I suffered traumatic head injury, broke my hip and pelvis, had a stroke on my left side and basically was thought to be an invalid for the rest of my life. I suffered through years of rehabilitation and have been able to at least seem normal today.

I was 13 when the accident happened. I'm 40 years old today. I still have nightmares occasionally of it and now I'm suffering the repercussions as a result of the accident.

I just found out that I have a seizure disorder and I am seeing a neurologist for it but she doesn't know what is causing it. It may be caused from my permanent frontal lobe brain damage or it maybe another problem.

I was referred to a psychiatric neurologist but my insurance through Medicare (Sierra Nevada Spectrum) will not pay and has denied my treatment.

I'm scared…

Most people don't even know that I have a disability unless I tell them.

The reason I need a grant is because I already went to school for two years on financial aid and the school took advantage of me because of my disability.

Now I have a $30,000 debt on my credit report from this school that I was not allowed to graduate from!!! This has destroyed my credit.

I was a great student and was able to receive As, Bs and Cs through my criminal justice courses but most of all the other classes I had to repeat on financial aid.

I was completely taken advantage of by this school formerly known as Florida Metropolitan University, now known as Everest University.

I did research online about the school and found out that there are several other complaints from other people who also went to that school.

I wanted to study law so that I could become a disability attorney who fights for disabled people whose rights are violated because of their disability.

I think I would be perfect for this and I do believe in my heart that this is my calling because I'm disabled myself.

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