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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Disabled Pet Daycare

by Dianne Bolin
(Sumter, SC, USA)

I am a disabled woman, age 58. I am single, and live alone. I have four children, and four grandchildren. I have two sisters, and one brother.

I am on disability due to a number of things.

First, the cartilage in my left shoulder is gone, and I cannot lift above my waist. Second, I am blind in my right eye. Third, I have severe calcium deposits in my spine, and all over my body. I am on total disability.

I had a wreck back in 1985 that crushed my left side, and I had to have part of my shoulder bone removed which led to the bad shoulder.

I had an eye infection that led to the scar tissue on my left eye. The wrecks throughout my life have caused all the calcium deposits.

I draw $930 a month, and that will not pay all my bills. I manage to pay my rent, but the other bills have to be paid on a first cut off notice.

I am in bad shape, and all alone here with no one to help. I need to get closer to my family, so someone can help take care of me.

I am on the Ticket to Work program, but I haven't been able to find work in this town. I will be on Medicaid as of July 1 for my medical bills.

I have attempted to do work that I have experience in for a couple of years now, but the pain won't let me keep a job when I find one.

I have never had a grant. I have emailed churches to try and get help, but have gotten no answer. I even emailed the Governor. I get no donations.

I need money to help me get a grant to find a place suitable to start a disabled pet daycare.

I have a disabled dog, and I know many people have pets that are disabled, but cannot take them with them on vacations, traveling, etc.

Disabled pets need a clean, comfortable place to rest, and someone to administer medications while their owners are away.

I have heard many terrible stories about people leaving their disabled pets in someone's care, only to come home and find their pet has died from neglect.

My business idea is to start a disabled pet daycare facility. I have a disabled dog, and I know her needs.

I know that there are many people out there that need someone to take care of their pets while they are traveling, going on vacations, etc, and most facilities don't know how to take care of their pets.

Most disabled pets have to have their bladder and bowels emptied and to be bathed often, things to that nature.

I have no idea of the cost, but I would need a pet friendly home with an attached garage for the animals. It should be heated and air conditioned for them also.

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