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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money Or Other Help With Moving Costs

by Denise Wilkins
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I'm a disabled woman on SSI and SSA since 1995. I was injured September 6,1990 in a near-fatal car crash on the Dan Ryan Expressway located in Chicago, when a lady hit me at a speed of 60 MPH.

I suffered temporary paralysis and my medical career was ended. To make matters worse, I had to fight with the government to obtain my social security benefits. I finally won after being denied three times.

I have spondylosis of the cervical vertebrae and degenerative joint disease. This all due to the accident in 1990.

I was married. My husband got on drugs real bad and became so abusive he nearly killed me. I fought back and I divorced him and moved on.

I have been through so much. I suffered blindness over 24 years ago and the doctors still can't tell me why that happened to me. I was blind for over a year.

But thanks to God I can see now and I have no ill effects of the blindness except that I hear better than normal and my other senses are also heightened. Basically I got some super powers out of that.

I've had two knee surgeries due to another car accident not of my making. And I have had one arm surgery and two foot surgeries. Basically I'm a walking talking miracle.

I have had a lot of drama but through it all I have maintained my sense of humor. In total I have had eight operations on various body parts for one reason or another.

All the surgeries worked out fine and have put me where I am today physically, which is pretty good. I have some pain but it isn't over the top thanks to God.

Now I find myself in a predicament. After all that trauma and sitting on a waiting list for Section 8 over 13 years, I was blessed with one.

I live in a apartment owed by a private landlord who is somewhat of a slumlord. I had an inspection of my apartment recently and it passed, but the part of the inspection that the landlord is responsible for didn't.

He is a jerk and cheap as hell and refuses to make the repairs required by Section 8. He wants to get rid of this building anyway but the market now won't permit him to do that. So he hangs on but does nothing other than the absolute minimum.

So I'm now put in a position where I need to move. But I'm on a fixed income and I don't have any resources or family to help me. I have no moving money. So basically I'll be on the streets.

I need help. I need money so I can get away from this stressful situation. I cry mostly every day just wondering what am I going to do. I can't think of anything.

I saw your web site and decided to write as you asked me to do. I don't know what will come of this, but I pray someone will help me. God bless and thank you.

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