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Accident Disabled Woman Seeks Job Retraining Government Grant Money

by Caroline Sanita Fatu Satele
(Gresham, OR, USA)

Caroline, Disabled And Wanting To Work

Caroline, Disabled And Wanting To Work

I'm a 45-year-old accident disabled woman who's survived many things, including cancer. If I could get some job retraining government grant money, it would change my life!

In 1997, I was hit by a bus that missed my head by inches. However I got slammed into the ground, with my knee ripping apart leaving me disabled.

It's only through the grace of God that I am able to sit up and walk, although barely. I live with pain everyday because I refuse to take pain killers.

I have a high tolerance for pain, but I still cry at night due to it and because my knee still locks. I live with it, though and I thank God for the many blessings of life that I do have.

Two years ago, I separated from my abusive husband who also left me in massive debt, overweight, diabetic, with high cholesterol and losing my teeth and depressed!

I'm very determined though to take my life back! Over a year ago, I quit smoking and changed my eating habits to keep my diabetes and high cholesterol under control!

I've also started a workout regimen and been blessed with a stationary bike from my mom. She's also my main care provider and thank goodness for that, because home care is a service I know I cannot afford to buy.

I live on a set income that's less than $1000 a month. My goal is to go back to school to be self-sufficient enough to pay my bills. My biggest dream is to become the first first Polynesian woman as a supreme court justices.

I would also like to open a charity/foundation called "save a smile" to help those who can't afford to have nice teeth or that have been abused in their relationships.

I've always worked hard and given help not only to my family members, but also to anyone else who has ever needed it. I'm used to being a caregiver. However this time I'm the one who needs help!

If there is anyone one out there who can help me get some job retraining government grant money? If so, I want to first say thank you and reassure you that you won't be sorry for putting your faith in me.

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Aug 06, 2011
DeJa Vu
by: Anonymous

A lot of this story is like deja vu to me. I now know all about depression, weight gain and diabetes. I was a single mom with small children, working to make ends meet. I was forced onto Income Assistance living on just over $600 a month and then into bankruptcy. Through a government program, I'm taking a couple of short computer courses that will end soon. I want to take a course on Web/Graphic Design, which I know I would be good at. Because of the bankruptcy though, I'm not eligible for a student loan. I want to work, love to work and need to work. Most jobs I see in the papers want computer and office qualifications that I don't have. But I'm working on it. And to all the people who say "Relax and Enjoy the time"... You obviously haven't been here. At 54 years old I never thought I'd be in this position. Anybody have any ideas or info?

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