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Accident Disabled Young Father Seeks Government Grant To Restore Family Life

by James Warren
(Spooner, WI, USA)

I'm James Warren. I'm 32 and I have three kids, ages 6, 9 and 10. I have permanent partial custody of two of them.

I just recently got married.

I got injured driving a truck in 2005. I had back surgery and permanent nerve damage in my back.

I'm on a 10-lb weight restriction for life. That's about a gallon of milk that I can pick up. I can't even pick up my kids, which hurts me emotionally when I tell them that.

I have been struggling to live with the pain and monthly bills. I have had the gas and utilities shut off several times. I went a few months with hardly any food in the house.

I've only been trained to do heavy jobs and truck driving. Now I can do nothing. In my area the only light work is if you work in an office or own a business.

I would like to someday have a business. I'm really good with cell phones. I have friends that work with major cell companies that call me for tech help.

My house is falling apart. It has hardly any insulation in it and the winters get to about 30 below here in northern Wisconsin. The windows are old and outdated.

I believe that my kids deserve a nice house and nice life. They are my world. They see me stressing about bills and it puts stress on them.

What I get from disability isn't much. They take child support out of it and the mom to my kids gets $189 a kid out of it, which leaves me with nothing.

All I would like to do is live comfortably the way I did when I drove a truck.

When I was driving I worked six to seven days a week and put maximum hours on the road so my family would have a nice life.

Please help. Thank you for your time. James M. Warren.

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