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Accident Handicapped Golfer Seeks Grant Or Backers For Golf Swing Invention

by Scott D. Groves
(Wadsworth, Ohio, USA)

I am a 44-year-old married man with two teenage boys. I have spent the better part of my adult life as a golf professional, golf instructor and professional golfer. I have been married for 17 years.

My two sons play sports on a very high level. My youngest (Logan) has been playing premier soccer for four years and my oldest son (Joshua) is an accomplished golfer making the high school golf team as a freshman.

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Five years ago I was injured when cutting down a tree. Things went terribly wrong and a twelve hundred pound limb fell from a height of about twenty feet.

The limb hit me squarely on top of my left shoulder. The weight of the limb pushed my shoulder into my knee driving my foot into the ground. My injuries were a bruised shoulder, cracked ribs and a broken ankle.

I had surgery to remove fragments from the subtalar joint. Following the surgery I had almost two years of physical therapy.

As time has gone by the joint has developed arthritis to the point that I now walk full time with a cane or crutches.

I am going to have a subtalar joint fusion to relieve some of the chronic pain I endure.

My official disability status with social security is pending. My doctors think I will receive some form of disability assistance.

I will be on crutches for somewhere around six months with a year of physical therapy to follow.

My handicap has made it impossible to do my job and I have given it up. I can only stand and walk for a few minutes before having to take a break.

If I do not take a break I will have severe swelling and more pain to the point where I will be on crutches for two or three days.

My home life has changed a great deal as well. I can only go up and down the steps in my house with a crutch or crawling.

Transport is not too much of a problem. I can drive short amounts of time for thirty minutes or less.

I currently take several medications. I take Celebrex for swelling and Vicodin for pain. I also take Effexor for depression and Zestoretic for high blood pressure.

I started working again this spring full time at a golf course as the golf director. That lasted about three days before I went to part time due to my inability to walk after working two days in a row.

Keep in mind that most of this time I was sitting at a desk. I need to elevate my foot or it and my ankle swell and it becomes difficult to even walk with a cane.

I have not been able to find a job where I can sit with my foot up in a recliner or some other way to elevate my injured leg.

We are struggling with making ends meet. We are living paycheck to paycheck.

If it were not for my wife volunteering at the soccer club for a scholarship for Logan and my good friends in the golf business, my children would not be playing sports.

I would like to have two things if possible.

One would be help from an SSI lawyer to help with my disability claim.

The other would be the capital I need to get the tooling done and have the first thousand units produced of my golf swing trainer.

I have designed and built a golf swing trainer that will change how golf is taught to everyone from the tour player to the handicapped player.

My product does something nothing else has ever done. It teaches the player the proper feel and guides a player through the proper motions in the proper sequence.

I have worked in the golf business for almost 20 years. I have done everything from being a cart boy to running a retail store, banquet direction, head golf professional, golf director and mini tour player.

One major company, one of the top ten golf teachers in the world, will use my device as their only training device. This alone should be sales in the thousands of units. I also have interest from several large retailers.

Since my product will retail for about the same price as a good sand wedge or a fairway wood, I estimate sales in the first year alone of two hundred thousand dollars.

This will be accomplished by using my contacts in the golf business, selling at every golf show in my region, meeting with the big retailers and selling over the Internet.

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