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Accident Paralyzed Man Seeks Government Housing Grant

by Samuel Gonzalez
(Pennsauken, NY, USA)

Tragedy of Everlasting Pain

Tragedy of Everlasting Pain

I've been paralyzed since June 2007. I've been looking for affordable housing, but always end up in hopeless frustration.

I need to be independent enough to live on my own and reach my goals, education, jobs and having to feel free!

I'm capable of living on my own but don't have the money to buy a car to get me from point A to B. I'm looking for affordable wheelchair accessible housing.

This will give back my niece her room I'm occupying but instead should be given to people who have no wheelchair issues.

I was driving and passed a car wreck and motorbike. An ambulance and a car wagon were there. I slowed passing through and mentally prayed for the people.

Five minutes later I flipped five times in my car seemingly for no reason. I ran over some debris from the car wreck for sure to the best of my memory.

It bothers me though no one knows who were those people five minutes earlier in that accident that don't know someone is paralyzed after driving through debris from their wreck.

The police report was so unprofessional and I feel like there is some cover up to who these people are five minutes before my accident.

I don't understand why the cops made it so hard for me. All I want is a family, a home and a car, but with $700 a month it is not going to happen.

Someone help! I have no physical friends and I can't just leave for a place if I wanted to just go sightseeing to get away from being depending on others who have their own life. God bless! HELP!

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