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Accidented Roger With Back Pain Seeks Family Supporting Business Grant

by Roger Looney
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

I am a 57-year-old male. I share a home in Fort Worth, Texas, with my twin brother and my older sister.

I have two children in their twenties who live out of state. I rarely get to see them because of the distance between us.

I did serve in the Navy but I had dreams of becoming a police officer so my stay was short. Instead of becoming a policeman I ended up in private security work as a security agent for a few large companies in California.

Disability Issues

I first became disabled back in 2004. I had already been suffering with severe joint pain and stomach problems that caused nausea, which would sometimes create dizzy spells.

I was diagnosed with severe chronic calcific tendonitis and partially torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders.

Then I injured my back, rupturing lower lumbar discs 3, 4 and 5. I was told that the ruptures were not bad enough for surgery so I went through what is called a C Arm procedure, where steroids and other medication was injected into my spine.

Over the next three years my back improved enough where I could return to work. I became a truck driver but a few years later I injured my back again.

So I am not sure of my disability classification. I have to see the doctors all over again and collect new medical records, but I am sure this time I will require surgery because the pain and problems are much greater than before.

Financial Hardship

My income and that of my two siblings are just not enough to cover the cost of what is currently owed here in our home.

If it were not for my brother doing all he can we would be on the streets already. He has moved his car payments to back of his note three or four times now, and filed an appeal with his home insurance to have it lowered.

He has tried to have the taxes lowered on his home. He works 45 to 55 hours a week and we are falling behind.

If it were not for my $81 of food stamps we would be going hungry right now.

My sister only works part time because she has severe arthritis and can only manage about 30 hours a week. And what she makes is not enough to even pay her bills.

I have to borrow my brother's vehicle to go to doctor appointments, so it is costing him more to have me on his auto insurance.

The home he is buying is starting to get cracks around all doorways and windows because of lack of money to keep the foundation watered, so it is depreciating daily.

Current he is trying to get his home refinanced to lower the payments but that hasn't worked out so far.

Income Efforts

Since my injury and because workers comp is claiming I deviated from my normal route, I have had to hire an attorney to represent me with getting my workers comp payments and so that I can have my back worked on so I can return to work.

I do receive SSD, SSI and food stamps. We also have my brother's net income and that of my sister. I have spent a very large amount of time on the Internet trying to find grants that I would qualify for with no success.

I have been on a few sites begging for money to help my family. The people I have that I refer to as friends are not the type to give money to anyone for any purpose, so I have not turned to them.

The other family members I have are in just as bad a boat as we are so I can't make any requests of them for help.

Our mother passed away November of last year so we lost her income. She also lived here with us.

I have looked into so many work-at-home jobs I am blue in the face. Nearly everyone of them are either a scam to get money out me that I do not have for a product that does not help you make money.

Or like the secret shopper job I applied for, they sent me two fake US postal money orders to use at a Western Union where I was supposed to send $1600 of the total across country. I turned the money orders over to the US post office.

I am just short of going out and trying panhandling on the streets, but don't know if I can do that with how much pain I go through each day.

Specific Needs

I believe I am receiving all the benefits that I qualify for as far as SSD, SSI and food stamps are concerned. So I am looking for grants mainly. Ones that I will not be required to pay back, or at least not for a year or so.

I am looking for advise also on certain subject matter involving business. Maybe even an Attorney for business if need be.

Am I looking for sympathy? No. I don't ask anyone to feel sorry for me. We all live our separate lives. Some of us are situated in life where life is much easier growing up. And some of us aren't so lucky.

Some of us through the lack of education that we could not continue or because of tragic circumstance such as the death of my father when I was only three years old keeps us or holds us back from becoming much more than what we could have with just a little help.

I could sit around feeling sorry for myself for many reasons: the loss of my father at an early age, the fact that my father's parents, my grandparents, blamed out mother and us on my father's death, living in poverty as a youth, and living through some pretty bad ordeals as a young adult and later, but I don't.

We all have a path in life that must be lived to keep a balance of all things, so I figure I have just been doing my part. But I need change. I want change. I have to have change, and I feel I deserve it. I have been here long enough, now I want to be there.

Business Idea

Yes I would prefer financing for a business in the form of a free grant if possible. This is the best way for myself to provide for myself and my family.

I want to go into business working with fine woods creating specially designed and crafted jewelry boxes and other boxes, which can be used to store keepsakes. I have already dabbled in this a bit and sold quite a few, but only because of the fine work I was able to create.

And I did this work with minimal equipment. I even still have some of the boxes I crafted sitting around the house here. So I am looking for a grant or grants that would enable me to do all the needed things to start a business.

Design, development, marketing, building lease, equipment purchases, raw material purchases, utilities fund for a year, lease money for a year, wages for myself and three others for a year, miscellaneous items, office equipment and supplies, etc.

I love to work with my hands and by working with such a small eventual product it would not be a physical burden on me.

It would allow me to be able to get my brother out of his current job, which is killing him. He has actually died from electrical shock from working this job but luckily he fell after being shocked and when he hit the pavement it started his heart back to beating.

So I don't want what I have asked for, for just myself. I need it for my twin brother, my family.

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Jun 12, 2014
In appreciation
by: Roger Looney

Thank you for posting my story to your website. I hope in the future I have good news to share with you about receiving the grant(s) I need to get my business going and being able to provide for myself and family members.

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