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ADD Learning Disability And Depression Disabled Single Mom Seeks Financial Help

by Susana Zambrano
(San Diego, CA, USA)

I am 33 years old, separated and mother of two daughters Victoria and Lillian, ages 12 and 14.

We are low income and get EDD benefits (www.edd.ca.gov), but it's not enough.

I have struggled with learning disability, ADD, depression and anxiety. I've been on medication for more than 10 years now.

It's been so hard to find out my daughter has ADD, learning disability and depression. She just got released after being admitted to hospital because of her mood swings and severe major depression.

She has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the teachers are working to modify her classes. Her grades are poor and tutoring is not helping. I've talked to all teachers, counselors and sadly, they have not been able to help my daughter.

I want my daughter to succeed. I don't want her to feel she can't do anything due to her disabilities, because she will be making the same mistake I did.

I struggled a lot as a student but have big dreams for myself as well as my daughter. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to get her into a private academy school that specializes in ADD, learning disabilities and mental illness.

I am so concerned about my daughter's future. She feels hopeless and depressed. I hope I hear from you soon.

I have a learning disability and ADD, and with time, I developed depression and anxiety due to my disabilities.

When I was 18 years old, I got pregnant with my daughter Victoria now 14 years old.

When I was four months pregnant, the hospital called me and said to me that Victoria wasn't developing and if I wanted to have an abortion because the government spends too much money on these kids and that I was too young.

I didn't have an abortion and I asked for an amniocentesis. The hospital had me waiting two weeks for the results and throughout that time, I stressed out and started to feel scared and anxious.

After the two weeks, they called me back and told me that Victoria was a girl and that she was perfectly fine.

After that news, I tried living a normal life but my life wasn't the same. After I had Victoria I was experiencing panic attacks, major depression, and insomnia.

I became so severely ill that I had to be hospitalized. I have been taking antidepressants of all kinds. At this time, I take three a day.

My life was never the same. Apart from having learning difficulties at school, I had never experienced depression. The doctors believed it was post-traumatic stress disorder that I never got rid of.

Unfortunately, my daughter Victoria has suffered from ADD, learning disability and mental illness so severe that she hasn't made it through school.

A therapist from social services comes to my home for therapy sessions but Victoria's symptoms became so debilitating that she had to get hospitalized. The hospital couldn't keep her due to medical insurance that she had.

Everyday she cries saying life is hard and wishes she wasn't here. She states she's mentally challenged and she can't make it through life. I want her to know there is hope.

The school hasn't helped much and the teachers have modified her classes but due to so many students, she can't get the help that she really needs.

I recently finished school and I have my Phlebotomy Technician certification but I cannot work at this time because of my daughter. I am overwhelmed and need help.

Due to all the problems with Victoria, I haven't been able to search for jobs. It's been so hard for me because she has had emotional breakdowns every day and at times has tried to harm herself.

For the past two weeks, I've taken her to the mental health screen unit due to crisis. Victoria is currently taking medication but there is a certain medication that she needs that is not covered by medical.

I've done a lot of research and found some excellent schools specialized in teens just like her, but it's so expensive. I feel for my daughter. I want to help her and I need help to help her.

I just graduated as Certified Medical Assistant, and Phlebotomy Technician. I just got my certification and I'm waiting for my state license.

I am currently receiving EDD and receive $181 every two weeks. It's not enough. At this time, I'm focusing on my daughter Victoria 100%. I want to get her the help so I can work soon.

I would like a grant for my daughter. There are so many specialized schools out there for her, but they are so expensive.

I want my daughter to succeed in life and I want the best for her despite all of her challenges.

I am currently unemployed and with special needs myself. Both of us are under psychiatric medications and need help financially.

I would also want advice on what other benefits are out there for us.

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