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ADHD And Depression Disabled Mom Seeks Grant Money To Make Ends Meet

by Hanna
(McMinnville, Tennessee, USA)

I am a 29-year-old woman. I have a four-year-old daughter and a boyfriend.

As of right now with the economy the way it is my boyfriend cannot find a job.

I am working at a small restaurant (the only place that would hire me with my medical background). I was working less than 30 hours a week for $5.25 an hour.

Disability Issues

I have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and major depressive disorder. I was diagnosed with these as a child and my mother was told they were not severe and I would grow out of them.

In May of last year I found out that I did not grow out of them and they could be genetic and doctors say there is no way to determine if it is genetic or not.

I currently have a disability case filed and have proper representation. My case has been denied and appealed and is now going to a hearing with no date set yet as to when I will go to court.

Financial Hardship

I have recently got leg pain, which my doctor cannot determine as to what is causing it and has sent me to a specialist.

Until the problem is found I am no longer able to go to work for fear of further damage to the leg.

Now that I am out of the only work I could get I fear as to how I am going to pay rent and lights, on top of keeping my daughters childcare going just in case I can go back to my job.

I do not qualify for the family medical leave act so with me being off work my boss could fire me for missing work even though I have a proper reason to miss.

Therefore I am looking at unemployment even after medical treatment.

Income Efforts

I have put in many applications but due to my medical background no one has called to hire me at other jobs.

My friends and family are all living at or under poverty income so they cannot help me.

All work-at-home jobs I have looked at require some type of payment to get started or there is no way I would be able to do them because I am not qualified.

I am not currently attending church and the churches in my area will not help unless you are a member.

My SSI was denied due to my income tax return last year and I was informed that without proof of how I spent the money I still couldn't receive SSI.

I told them I could get a printout of the card activity and they said that wasn't acceptable.

I don't know how to file for a grant and the ones online want some kind of payment to help you file for them and I just don't have any money at all right now.

In our community, donations are only given to people with life-threatening illnesses.

I am on food stamps, have insurance and receive families' first benefits (as long as I am employed).

Specific Needs

I would like advice on how to get grants and any other help possible to make sure my family and I are taken care of and have a home.

I already have someone helping me on my case but what do I do until my benefits start?

Business Idea

My boyfriend is an excellent mechanic and can also do bodywork. If he had the place to do it and the money to fund it I believe he would have a good business.

It would also give us a proper income to care for my child. We both believe there are people in this community charging too much for services and he can do it cheaper and help people in the same place we are financially.

Everyone needs reliable transportation and should be able to receive help when needed.

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