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ADHD Disabled Single Mom Seeks Grant Money For Education And Business

by Ann
(Sioux Falls, SD, USA)

I have been a divorced single mother since 2004. I am 55 years old. I have a wonderful teenage daughter who resides with me.

We had a car/pedestrian accident that left my former husband physically and mentally handicapped. I became the sole emotional, physical, and financial provider for my daughter Jessica.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety in 1996 post the birth of my daughter.

I believe ADHD was present during my school career but went undiagnosed until I was 38. My grades were low. I ranked 33 in a class of 112.

I believe that the co-morbid diagnoses of anxiety and depression were present during my childhood just as they are today.

During post high school, I worked as an optometric assistant/optician for 15 years. I dealt with many dismissals and forced resignations for failure to meet the standards of the position and poor performance.

I re-trained in 1991 for a career as a Registered Nurse. It was shortly after I got my license in 1996 that I realized and seemed to have more difficulty with time management and disorganization. It also included short-term memory and impulsivity that I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

I continued to be non-successful at work. I have been unable to maintain employment for more than 18 to 24 months at a time. I was continued to be dismissed for performance issues.

In 2001, I separated from my physically, emotionally, and financially abusive husband. That was shortly before his life changing car-pedestrian accident happened.

I continued to have difficulty with retaining work for any length of time.

At some time prior to 2007, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome and panic attacks. I was treated for severe depression. I was hospitalized in a behavorial health facility on 2 occasions in 2008 and 2009.

I continue to receive medical and psychological treatment for Depression, Anxiety and Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity. I have faced long episodes of unemployment since 2009.

Recently, I was granted disability by SSI for my depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD and sleep apnea.

Financial Hardship

My house is in foreclosure for non-payment. I have had difficulty with my electrical, gas, water, and food bills.

My savings got exhausted during the last 3 years of sporadic employment.

I do not have health or prescription and dental insurance. I have received my medical and psychological care through the local free clinics for the last 5 years.

My dental health is poor. I continue to look for employment because my SSI will not cover my expenses. I have not been able to pay 2 hospitalizations that I had.

I pay for my own medications and CPAP supplies.

I have a car since public transportation is difficult in this rural area. I manage to keep my car insured with limited amounts of gas each month.

Income Efforts

I have continued to retain my Registered Nursing license. I have been certified as an ADHD Life Coach. I continue to look for employment in these areas.

I have had some success with self employment as an ADD coach at home. I also have temporary employment as RN.

Family members have helped me on occasion when monies were short with utility disconnections and my car was repossessed.

I have received food from our local food pantry and church giveaways. I recently qualified for food stamps and SSI of which benefits have not started.

Specific Needs

I would like to seek a grant for school to certify as a Neurofeedback technician. I also need a grant to start my own small business in which I practice Neurofeedback along with my ADHD Coaching practice.

The cost to certify is about $2000. The Neurofeedback EEG machine is $10,000 and the start-up expenses for 3 months are estimated at $8000.

I have experienced Neurofeedback myself with wonderful results for ADHD. I can only imagine the results that my ADD coaching clients would also receive.

The benefits are well documented for ADHD, depression and anxiety as well as sports performance. I like how many people with ADHD believe that I would be successful in owning, managing, and operating my own business.

Business Ideas

I am looking to finance a Neurofeedback machine that I would use with my ADHD Coaching Business.

This is a business that I feel would be well received. This is because many are looking for alternative therapies to pharmaceuticals. Even with meds, it also enhances performance.

I could easily maintain it as I would work independently and with scheduled appointments. The current asking fees are $80 to $100 per hour with the usual course of therapy being 10 sessions.

I anticipate seeing approximately 16 patients a week = $1600 weekly gross and $6400 monthly. I love to work and be of service to others who have shown determination through life.

Working with ADHD clients has been a wonderful experience because I had the opportunity to work with people similar to me. This allows me to easily communicate and work with others to understand ADHD and how it affects people’s lifestyle.

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Nov 21, 2012
Great News
by: Claudy

Benefits.gov is the best resource for you. Take the survey and a computer generated list of all the federal and state agencies with the benefits your qualified for is generated. It's complete with addresses and contact information. You will be amazed by all you will have to learn. You do not realize there's a lot more help for you. You will not be disappointed. It's your lucky day!

Whoever funds the free clinic you go to may also have additional services available. In my state the free clinic is state funded. The state will also provide transportation to and from the clinic especially in rural areas. You have to know who to ask. You may need to do some checking. Benefits.gov may also have information about your clinic if it's state funded.

Finally, you need to convince yourself that you can succeed. You need to repeatedly tell yourself you will do good, everything is going to work out and you will be successful. Over and over even if you don't believe it and if in time you tell yourself so many times you will start to believe it. I hope for goodness and good luck to you real soon.

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