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Advice And Grants To Help Diabetic Man Pursue Education And Earn More

by Dennis Blakely
(Evansville, IN, USA)

I am a 57-year-old male without an immediate family. I do have many cousins and friends.

I worked in the scientific, technical, and education fields in the past. In addition, I have donated my time and efforts to help others achieve their educational goals.

I am also an artist, and enjoy that as an avocation.

Disability Issues

I meet the social security administration list for disabled.

I am a diabetic with peripheral neuropathy and artery disease. I also have hypertension and generalized anxiety disorder.

I progressed from hypertension at age 13, to hypertension and pre-diabetes, to hypertension and diabetes, to hypertension and diabetes with the complications that I have today.

There is a history of diabetes in my family, and my mother had the disease.

I applied for SSI, since the complications have manifested.

I am not able to work due crippling of my legs and hands. I would rather work, but have been forced to accept my current conditions.

Financial Hardship

I have difficult financial issues to face with no current income, medical bills, and the costs of daily living.

I searched for work, but was rejected due to my disabilities. I have very basic transportation and housing.

I am on three medications for hypertension, one for cholesterol, and three for diabetes including insulin. I use a walker and auto for mobility.

I cannot work because even in a seated position there is blood pooling in my legs. This causes stiffness of the leg muscles, causing instability of the legs, leading to falls.

Income Efforts

I attempted to obtain income through the sale of personal items and by applying for numerous jobs, including work-at-home jobs.

I applied for SSI, but have not received approval. I am not currently eligible for SSDI, and I received a denial letter from SSA.

Specific Needs

I am currently seeking grants, and disability scholarships or further education. I hope to make myself more attractive to employers. All of this has been to no avail.

I am seeking SSI benefits. I am also looking for grants that can help my financial situation in the interim, if and until SSI kicks in.

Any advice that could improve my situation is appreciated. I am not looking for sympathy.

Instead, I seek a chance to proceed with dignity as a disabled person. I want to maintain an independent lifestyle, and possibly earn a chance to improve my situation.

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