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AIDS Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant To Help With Divorce And Taxes

by James
(Miami, FL, USA)

I am 42 years old and have been separated for almost two years from my wife of 21 years.

Before my wife left me we had been happily married. My stepdaughter still lives with me. I felt and still feel like after my wife left me, that she is still my child.

My wife had three kids when I met her, and I had two of my own. I live in a home that is paid for. However, the taxes are behind, because I cannot afford to pay for them.

My wife is not in a rush to get a divorce; she is dodging it so as not to help me in any way.

I receive a disability check from the government and it is mostly spent on utilities and food. There is very little left for home repairs.

I have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

In the year 1994, I was at work and was not feeling well. My supervisor told me I should go home and do not come back until I had proof that I had been to see a doctor.

They were very caring people that I had worked for. I went to the doctor and they began a regimen of tests.

Results showed that I had tuberculosis, something that you get only if your immune system is compromised.

I had contracted AIDS; I do not know how long I had been in contact with the disease before it reared its ugly head.

I spent a month in the hospital back in 1994. It has been a battle to walk and maintain life for 21 years now.

I cannot work and I lead a very boring life. When I can, I garden and maintain my yard for exercise.

Life is difficult at home, besides combating the loneliness. I do not have many friends. When people find out that you have AIDS, they treat you differently.

I tried to work a couple of times since I became disabled. I work at a dry ink cartridge refill factory.

I put myself in the hospital because of my disease.

I tried to do what I love which is landscaping, but the sun and dizziness ended that.

I have no transportation which is probably good because of sudden dizzy spells.

I have to take several pills every day, most of which government insurance pays for.

As far as equipment goes, I own a pair of crutches, a walker and several canes. I use all of them at different times.

Sometimes after leaving the hospital I have to have an antibiotic pump attached to me for weeks at a time.

I write my story because I am in need of a grant or grants if you will. I feel like if I were to borrow money that I will never be able to pay it back.

I ask for money because I need to be able to hire a lawyer, so that I may dispense with my wayward wife.

I need money to pay my behind taxes on my house. I feel that if I could get the taxes up to par, I would be able to keep them that way.

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Aug 14, 2012
Hope you are feeling better
by: Sherri

Hi James,

My uncle got AIDS in May 2010 and was gone by August 31, 2010. I took care of him even though I am disabled also. He was like a father to me. The medications for AIDS now are saving lives.


Aug 14, 2012
Life's a beach in Florida!
by: Ken

Hi James,

If you didn't get a prenup your wife gets fifty percent of the home, right? So, you're behind in taxes, and that puts you in a very vulnerable position. The city can sell your house for being behind in property taxes. That would not be good. If you are still in talking mode, it is best to talk about what is happening to see if you can pay the taxes off and then sell, then split the profits. Your kids are not part of the equation any more, because of their age. So it doesn't matter who lives with whom. They are not dependents. Here is a site you can look at for some legal aid in Dade County:


I don't know if they will help much as you do have equity in your home. This bites the big one right now as you are disabled, but they may give you some advice. I feel for you, but sometimes in a marriage people can turn on you, maybe not as quick as some friends or as society as a whole. Somehow we are sent to the "Fringes" like in the good old book, The Chrysalids. Government and friends want to turn their back on you because you are different than the norm, and are afraid of you getting something for free off them.

The government will pay big dollars to pay people to make sure you don't qualify for almost anything. They will toss you a soup bone, with no seasoning whatsoever, and make sure people know that they have tossed you a bone. And if you THINK that you should get any more than that, YOU are abusing the system.

Many are in the same boat, but you do have some value. Once that is gone, you may find something a little less costly than your home and perhaps, live a little less stressful. You may not have a nice place like you do now, but living with less stress and a little less comfort is something you can learn to live with. Learning to be happy with what you can have is easier than dying earlier because you are not happy with what you can't have. So, live longer, be happy and accept the things you have.

You will always have the thought that you had the chance to bring up great kids, but it is also time to let them free, soon. If they don't already, they will have their own to bring up and unfortunately they will be too busy in their own life to be too interested in yours. Be happy you had the time. Be optimistic, they may call you from time to time, but it is also time for you to find true friends that are in the same boat as you. Find positive relations who can relate and not bitch about everything. Good luck James, God Speed!


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