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Air Force Veteran Awaiting VA Disability Seeks Help With Debts And Vehicle Repair

by Christopher
(Georgetown, SC, USA)

I'm a 29-year-old veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I served over 10 years in the Air Force as a Security Forces Craftsman.

I was honorably discharged February 28 2011 from Edwards AFB, CA at the rank of E-5/SSgt.

I'm a single male with no dependents and currently living with my parents in Georgetown, South Carolina.

I have no disability payments coming in. I am working through the VA to have my claims filed but nothing has come back about my compensation or benefits.

I am working a minimal wage job. My credit score is rapidly dropping due to the fact that I don't have enough money to pay all my bills all of the time.

I have to pick and choose which of my debts are the most important to pay and which ones I have to let build up.

I have substantial damage to my vehicle and don't have the money for repairs.

I have to live with my parents because I can't find affordable housing with my debt to income situation.

I am on a logistics team at a local Target store and though I am considered full time, I don't always get 40 hours a week.

I have been working with my supervisors to get more work hours. Recently I was offered a promotion within the ranks of Target but that promotion has not come to fruition yet. I still have three interviews that have yet to have been scheduled.

I am looking for benefits or grants so that I can catch up or pay off some of my bills that are pilling up. I am also looking to finance the repairs for my truck.

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