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Air Force Veteran Seeks Government Grant For Relief Of Depression

by Kathleen M. Ramsett
(Portsmouth, NH, USA)

My name is Kathleen Ramsett and I currently live in Portsmouth, NH. I suffer from chronic depression and due to my depression symptoms I have not been able to find or keep employment in or near Portsmouth.

I am also a 50% disabled Air Force veteran. I served my country honorably and was proud to do so. I received an honorable discharge.

In 1977, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I was told never to have children. I wanted a child so much that in 1981 I became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.

In 1984, after the death of my grandmother with whom I was very close, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After two surgeries to remove my thyroid, my grandfather died. In late 1984, I made the decision not to have any more children and underwent a tubal ligation.

In 1999, I was diagnosed as bipolar. I underwent therapy and continuing psychiatric appointments, taking time away from my job. After my move to NH, I was re-diagnosed as chronically depressed with some depression being situational, especially after visiting my family in PA.

In 2003, I lost a job due to my depression and my inability to attend work regularly. In 2005, my husband found a job in NH, taking advantage of his radiologic technical skills at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. In 2006, I moved here with him.

My depression worsened after the move. I gained over 70 pounds and have lost interest in everything I do. I finally finished my degree online but have not been able to find work here.

The reason for my grant request is to move home to the area in which I used to live, Adams County, PA, where all my family lives.

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