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Am I Eligible For A Government Grant?

Updated December 10, 2016

"Am I eligible for a government grant?" is one of the many questions answered in Ability Mission's extensive Grant FAQ. Use both the video and the script to get the most out of the answer.

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Video Transcript

Am I eligible for a government grant?

What a great question! And we have such a solid, reality-based answer for you.

In general, almost anyone is eligible for one grant or another.

It's misleading, though, to make a general statement like that.

It could be misinterpreted that just about anyone can get a grant for just about anything.

And that is just plain wrong!

In fact, whether or not you're eligible depends TOTALLY on the eligibility criteria of the specific grant program you're working with and how well your situation matches the grant eligibility criteria.

For example, let's say a grant program offers food and shelter for homeless single mothers in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If that's you, then you're eligible for the grant. If you don't match all the criteria, then you're not eligible.

You always have to compare your situation to the EXACT criteria of the specific grant program you're looking into.

So please do NOT be falsely encouraged by general claims.

More importantly, do NOT be discouraged by us bringing you down to reality.

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