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Amanda And Family Need Government Grant Money To Help With Expenses

by Amanda Rushing
(Lufkin, TX, USA)

My name is Amanda Rushing. I am mother to a 16-year-old girl named Christa, who has had congenital hip dislocation since birth. She has been to the Shriners Hospital to have at least seven surgeries and just recently had a surgery and is in a wheelchair as we speak.

We have tried to take care of her, but my husband has a low-paying job. I have health problems of my own, but can't afford to go to the doctor and there is no food in the house.

We applied for food stamps, but weren't able to get emergency help. Now we're waiting for an appointment from the welfare for that. We have to get a ride to Houston to the hospital because we don't own a car.

It is costing us more to finance these trips than we can afford, because she's not on Medicaid and money is scarce in our family. We can't afford shampoo and toilet paper because our rent is $550 a month, lights $300 and our phone and water got cut off because we couldn't pay those bills.

I am so stressed out that I hardly sleep at night and my family is suffering. Even though a tutor from the school comes out to teach Christa and we don't have to pay for home schooling, everything else is falling apart. What's worse is that we have another daughter who is in school and her needs are not getting met either.

If we could get at least $10,000 we could pay off our bills, buy a car and get some food in the house and maybe I could even go to the doctor to see what's wrong with me.

Cancer runs in our family and I am concerned about it, but my biggest issue is Christa. She still has staples in her hip and we get those out October 22, but the problem won't just go away.

Someday she will have to have a total hip replacement and if this surgery didn't work it could be real soon. We can't get SSI because you have to have two marks against you and Christa only has the hip problem. Other than her hips she is a straight A student who loves to shop, read and she absolutely loves horses. We need help now.

I pawned everything I could, trying to get money because my credit won't let us get a loan. We are at our wit's end, so we ask that someone out there help us not only financially, but through prayer also.

Please pray for my family and especially pray for Christa. She can't run or jump and right now she can't even walk. She is so bored and unhappy at home and even though she only has to be in the wheelchair for 6 to 8 weeks, the hip problem has been an ongoing thing for 16 years.

Her hips deteriorate on their own so unless a miracle happens she will need a total hip replacement in the near future. Please help if you can and pray for my family. Thanks for your time and any help we can get in obtaining some government grant money to deal with the debt brought on by medical expenses.

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Nov 10, 2009
I hope you get help. God bless.
by: Shari

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I will absolutely pray for you. I hope you find help. If I had not pawned everything I would help you but I too have serious health issues. I hope the government steps in and helps your family try to appeal your SSI case. There is an attorney in MO that I used named Karen Krauss Bill. Maybe she can help you fight for what is right. God bless you!

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