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American Looking For Government Housing And Education Grants

by Larry Roman
(Youngstown, OH, USA)

I'm an American looking for government housing and education grants. I've had to adjust to living a life with a disability, in an environment that doesn't accommodate such impairments.

I am pursuing my education (through college), but have been lacking the additional resources and supplies that could make things easier to focus on the work, rather than dealing with the outside limitations.

The environment in which I live is "great," but it needs additional improvements and modifications to stabilize the foundation and allow for adequate support. My landlord has continued to make the necessary repairs, but their hands have been filled with limited resources and a huge loss of monies that were once directed to my place of residence.

It would be nice to be able to use a computer that's accessible for everyone or to read a book in a chair that supports back limitations (surgeries). These can be purchased with funding assistance, but where does the funding come from when the economy has caused company closures and plant shut-downs?

I am asking for the additional monies vital in the improvement and maintenance of the environment in which I live. Some government grant funding would not only help me, but other disabled Americans that I reside with.

It would also give the City of Youngstown a "positive" example of "how the revolution of educational change can impact a society!" This American looking for government housing and education grants would like to help.

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