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Amnesiac Accident Disabled Man Needs Grant Money To Prepare House For Sale

by Clarence (Travis) Hays
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

I am 53 years old and married to my wife of 32 years. We have one son.

My wife has been in long-term care for about 11 months and I have to get in to long-term care also. I want my wife and myself to be in the same building once we are together.

It has been over nine months since I was at the hospital. There are long days and longer nights.

When I came to the hospital I lost most of my memories. All I remember is my wife, my son and a poem Foot Prints. That's it. All my childhood is gone, along with the memories of my son's childhood. I wish I could remember, but I cannot and that frustrates me a lot.

I have chronic pain in both legs and in my back as long as the weather stays the same. If the weather changes, my pain level gets very high… out of 10 a easy 12.

I had a accident about 20 years ago. I fell through a roof at work and the damage was done. I now have chronic pain disorder.

I need a walker just to go for a walk outside in the daytime and a wheelchair later in the day because I can barely walk at night due to the pain.

My both knees are giving out when I go for a walk and if I cannot catch it in time, I hit the floor hard.

The doctors in the hospital told me that I cannot go home again. It is not safe. I could turn on the stove and forget it is on or walk out of the house and forget where my house is.

I lost my driving license so I cannot see my wife every day, maybe once a month if I am lucky. I know that I cannot drive. I am not safe. I could have a problem if anything happens. I have to do some things over and over again to remember anything.
Sometimes I remember things and other times I forget things after three days. I can remember people if I see them every day, day in and day out. It's only their faces. Forget the name.

I need long-term care because my memory is very bad. I need help to remember when to take my pills, eat, sleep, anything that I will need.

I need consoling for depression, confusion and the idea of ending it all.

I would like to work again but with my memory, it hard to remember how to work. It has taken me six days to fill out these forms with a lot of help from the nurses and ladies in the computer room.

I need grants so I can fix up the house to sell it because I will never go home again to live.

I will need consoling for my special needs, and because of what happened I cannot work, live on my own or drive again. I will need any benefits I can get my hands on.

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Jun 16, 2012
by: Ken

Hi Travis,

Life can sure change fast. Sorry to hear about your circumstances. Does your son live nearby? Is he working? If he is close and not working maybe he could fix up your house to sell it. You may be able to find out what to do by contacting this site:


Also talk to your case worker at the hospital, they could probably help as well.

God be with you Travis,

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