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Ankylosing Spondylitis Disabled Man Seeks Grant For Roxul Dealership Business

by Eddy Goh
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

My name is Eddy Goh. I am 56 years old and married with two adult children 24 and 22.

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1982 where my left hip was replaced with a prosthesis.

A year later my right hip was affected and another prosthesis was implanted, hence, both of my hips are on prostheses.

In 1994 my left hip caused me so much pain that a hip revision was done to rectify the problem.

After the operation my left leg was shorter by 1-1/2 inches and as time goes by and due to pressure exerted by the right leg it has now caused me much discomfort and a hip revision is needed due to wear and tear.

I am now walking with a cane. Due to my disability, I am unable to find work and I'm dependent on my wife's meager salary to support my family.

My quality of life has deteriorated. I can't walk long distances, as both of my legs will be painful. I am scheduled for surgery but due to my financial difficulties I am unable to proceed for lack of funds.

My hip problem is very serious and only a very qualified orthopedic surgeon can do the procedure as I was referred to doctor after doctor during my many visits to the orthopedic specialists centre.

I have communicated with doctors as far away as John Hopkins Hospital and an orthopedic surgeon there is kind enough to look into my case.

I was thinking that if I have the necessary funds I would like to do the procedure at John Hopkins memorial hospital located in Baltimore.

The reason is my hip problem is very complicated and I am confident that John Hopkins Hospital can help resolve my issue.

As my quality of life has deteriorated I mostly stay home. I walk with a cane and I drive an automatic transmission vehicle to move around on the rare occasions that I do go out.

My wife's meager income supports my family with contributions from my son who is still in college and doing part-time computer repair jobs.

Due to my disability I am unable to find work. To help supplement my wife's income I play music with my band occasionally at clubs and weddings. I am also a guitarist for my church band. As that is a service to God I don't charge to play.

My immediate concern is to get my legs fixed and be able to walk again so that I can go out and find work.

I pray that I can go to John Hopkins Hospital to get professional help to rectify my problem and some grant to ease my debt burden.

As a former marketing man from the advertising industry, I am keen (if funds were available) to start a dealership for Roxul, an Australian product for home and commercial insulation in line with green technology.

For every house that uses Roxul, a dealer realizes a profit margin of RM$1200. To start this business, I need an initial capitalization of RM$150,000 to purchase stocks, lorries and employment of staffs. I have a very good relationship with the management of Roxul.

Roxul manufactures stone wool products that are placed on top of ceilings to reduce heat up to 70%. This saves energy and reduces cost for electricity. This business is viable due to the hot and humid conditions in Malaysia.

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