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Anxiety Disabled Single Divorced Father Seeks Relocation Grant Money

by Garry Loken
(Big Spring, Texas, USA)

I am 42, male, single/divorced with one son who is a college graduate, married with twin boys.

I also have one daughter who graduated high school this year and is already enrolled to attend her brother's alma mater.

I am the son of a deceased veteran who retired with honors from the service.

Currently I live in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas. I have been here since August of 2008. I am moving back to Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas on July 2, 2011.

I am currently drawing Social Security Disability Income due to severe anxiety and depression.

I have been in Big Spring, Howard County, Texas since August of 2008 following a second suicide attempt.

In May 2010 the Social Security Administration determined that I am totally disabled in accordance with their guidelines.

The relationship I have been in for the last 6 years I am ending because the situation is fueling my disabilities rather than making them more manageable.

I am on medication for my anxiety and depression. I have been told they will get a little better but are incurable. The anxiety will be an ongoing struggle.

In February 2011 after seeing a doctor for intense lower back pain it was determined that I have sacroiliitis, which is either severe arthritis or possibly bone or tissue degeneration.

I have not been able to see a rheumatologist for this condition as of yet. My back issue is incurable as well. Medication will help some but it will be a problem from now on.

Standing, getting up and down and walking all cause intense pain. I fall quite frequently due to the pain and discomfort.

My anxiety is so severe that I avoid loud and crowded areas such as grocery stores, concerts, family get-togethers and public transportation.

Lots of commotion, constant movement of people, bright lights and even crowded grocery store aisles all send me into an instant defensive shell.

The depression makes it extremely hard to focus and execute even the smallest things in these environments. This is why I am unable to return to a standard work environment or work online.

SSDI is my only source of income. I draw just enough to cover living expenses and some of my medical expenses. There are no extra funds available for additional financial obligations.

I cannot continue to count on family members for transportation and additional financial assistance. My family and friends are very supportive but can only due so much.

I am using a borrowed manual wheelchair at this point. I am working with Medicare to get an electric wheelchair.

I am relocating back to Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas to be closer to my family. I will be living alone in a handicap-equipped apartment.

I am seeking $60,000 in grant assistance to pay off existing medical bills, pay final utility and moving expenses at my current address, deposits for establishing services at my new address, initial medical expenses for new doctors and the purchase of a wheelchair van from AMS Vans.

The funds will allow me to take care of current financial obligations and purchase the things that I essentially need to be independent as well as getting me back on my feet financially.

I do not want to continue to struggle and drain other assistance resources that may be put to better use for families or individuals that are in a much worse situation.

While my family is helping me as much as possible, it is necessary that I secure these funds to promote my independence, mental and emotional well-being and financial stability once again.

The funds will be used to purchase such items as household furnishings, dishes and so on since these items belong to the lady I was involved with.

There are final expenses for utilities at my present address, moving expenses, deposits for the apartment and utilities, cupboard stocking and so on at the new address.

The funds for the new address I am in dire need of at this time. I am looking for grants to fund these items.

I do not have the means to take on any additional financial obligations.

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