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Appliance And Home Repair Business Help For Divorced And Disabled Single Dad

by Eric Vestal
(St. Paul, MN, USA)

Daughter and Son

Daughter and Son

I am a 47-year-old divorced and disabled father of two children. I have worked since I was a teenager.

I was an EMT for several years. Eventually the wear and tear on my hands took a toll on me. I've had hand surgeries as well as a mild heart attack.

I'm currently on Social Security, and making positive changes for my children and myself. I feel I'm ready to move forward mentally and physically in my life.

My main difficulty is not being able to be financially self-sufficient, as I once was.

Happily, I have recent custody of my daughter. We're living in a subsidized housing unit (apartment), but an eviction is looming on the horizon.

We will need to find new housing as the unit we're in is for two people.

Transportation is also an issue. I have an older two-door car that is on its last legs. With two kids, being without transportation just makes matters worse.

It's hard for me to share this, as I am a proud and private person that does not like to wear his heart on his sleeve.

It's very stressful knowing I am unable to afford the cost of living these days. With the eviction coming and nowhere for me to turn, I feel turmoil all around me.

I've worked for 30+ years of my life putting in 50 to 70 hours a week the last 12 years. That source of income is gone.

I do have Social Security as of 2011. I had no choice but to apply for it, because the medical coverage is important for both the kids and me.

We have had to use the Food Shelf on two occasions in the last four months. It's humbling because I am usually the one to volunteer or to make donations. Now I am on the receiving end.

It's tough for me to ask for anything, as I am usually the giver. I am looking for some help for reliable transportation and to start my own business of repairing appliances. I have "fix it" abilities and experience in this type of work.

I no longer want to rely on the system to provide for my kids and myself. I want to show my kids by example how to be self-sufficient and that they can achieve what they put they're mind to.

I am unsure of what to ask for. Some type of grant I think would be necessary to begin a new venture/business. Advice is always welcome.

A place to live is extremely important! We need a real home, like a house, duplex or townhouse. It has to be large enough so that my daughter (or myself) need not sleep on the floor any more.

I am new at this, so I'm unsure of the correct wording to use. In general, there are always people who need appliances repaired. This includes:

- plumbing fixtures
- refrigeration
- ovens/stoves
- garbage disposal units
- air conditioning units
- washer and dryers
- lawn mowers
- small engines

This is a big interest to me and I have extensive experience in all of the above.

I'm thinking of calling my business EMT Appliance And Home Repairs, where EMT stands for Eric, Mitch and Tina, the names of myself and my two kids.

It's a catchy, pleasing and meaningful name for me because EMT is what I always did for a living.

I know I would have to get licensed, bonded and insured, as I have been doing my homework on this.

I've also been compiling research on how to or where to begin your own business.

Any input whether grants or simply advice is much appreciated. I am eager to be successful in this new endeavor.

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