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This page has links to stories of people keen to apply for District of Columbia disability grants and benefits. They have all taken that essential first step in applying for disability benefits by telling their stories.

And they have all used our free editing service to get their stories straight with the right information in the right order.

It's a MUST to get your story in writing before applying for disability benefits in District of Columbia, or anywhere for that matter.

If a Search Engine or social media page brought you here, then welcome! You can go to the Disability Help Guide page to learn how we can help you. OR you can read about others we have already helped.

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Grant Money To Help Accident Disabled Woman Amputee Regain Independence 
My two daughters are young "ladies." When I observe them, I realize that I reared them well. My two grandchildren are prospering by their mother's …

Grant Money To Help Heart Disease Disabled Single Dad With Debt Relief 
I became 100% disabled with heart disease in 2001. I am a 52-year old African American single dad raising a 13-year-old daughter. Now, after 10 years …

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